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100s of New Physically Empowering Inventions 

(Only the first couple dozen were for water)



For people over age 25:


Have you ever wondered why your joints and back hurt so much after an intense workout?  


This is because today's workout methods are still based on an over 3000-year-old exercise philosophy that uses or simulates physical activities like running, jumping, throwing, fighting, lifting, pushing, pulling, dancing, climbing, swimming, rowing, cycling, etc., intensely. 


Activity-based workouts force your joints and or spine to fight 4-100s of times more kinetic exercise energy than ever reaches your targeted muscle contractions, without exception.


For example, click here to see how treadmills work our joints 100s of times harder than our core running muscles.


Strenuous activities load their kinetic motion resistance energy (the only force that can deeply work muscles) almost always into our hands or feet, fighting (hindering) your skeletal motions, not your muscle contractions. 


The motion resistance travels through your skeleton to reach the effort applying muscles. It then exits the skeleton through the joints or vertebrae that the targeted muscles operate.


So the actual muscle workout machines we have always used are actually our joints and vertebra, not our traditional activity workout methods and machines. Your skeleton is caught in between the two opposing forces of all muscle strengthening methods, motion resistance versus muscle exertion energy.    


Non-Kinetic fitness devices deliver far more, to all of their motion resistance directly against targeted muscle contractions, already pulling away from them as tension energy.  Non-kinetic methods either greatly reduce or eliminates joint and spinal compression completely.


Joints and spines are no longer used to transfer energy, they just ride along with the motion without loading effort or resistance energy so they just move without fighting anything. 


This actually works better the older and more hindered we become


By not basing intense muscle and cardio workouts on how strong your joints and spine are, in most cases, muscle exertion is no longer held back to levels that weak, damaged and arthritic joints and spines can tolerate, and this immencly greater muscle exertion is even better than painless.


If the non-kinetic method is for building core strength, virtually every user enters an almost euphoric state known as a Runner's High very rapidly. In fact, the weaker and more out of shape the adult is the faster they reach this state. Then as they rapidly strengthen they must work a little harder to reach it.


Because their joints and vertebrae are not worked, they do not hurt during or after the workout (from the workout), these fragile parts also are not farther damaged so they need no recovery time, allowing almost any adult at any age to maintain a rigorous yet painless daily workout schedule.


Soon almost every adult at any age, regardless of most physical disabilities, even if they never could do a strenuous workout before, and if they cannot walk or swim, can still use painless non-kinetic devices to build and then maintain an immensely stronger body and heart, very rapidly without any suffering.


Non-kinetic workouts should be avoided by healthy young people 


While our skeletons are still rapidly growing bigger longer and stronger, intense traditional workouts can greatly increase the permanent joint and spinal strength, that is passed on to their fully developed adult skeleton.


 If a healthy still rapidly growing young person uses non-kinetic workouts instead of traditional methods, they will miss out on the only time in their lives that frequently overworking their spine and joints does greatly strengthen these parts.


Modern exercise is still a 3000-year-old philosophy, not science


This explains why physical exercise method efficiency is not yet even part of physical exercise training. Modern exercise method science is still based on that ancient Greek philosophy, non-kinetics is based on engineering science that is used to strengthen virtually everything else that humans build.  


Far more than just adult fitness devices

Non-kinetics is the engineering science of allowing muscles to fully exert, for maximized exertion efficiently, which naturally produces physical workout methods first. These devices do nothing useful with this exertion energy after they load it


The second level of non-kinetic devices applies this energy, providing our bodies with brand new physical abilities. 


Physical Exercise method Efficiency


Exercise method efficiency is still so confusing to modern fitness experts it is just an opinion, not a measurable science to them. 


In 2000 Craig Wise, the discoverer of Non-kinetic exercise tried to explain a simple universal principle for measuring the universal efficiency for any physical exercise method (below), to the academics running several major universities and health organizations, only to watch their eyes roll and hear them laugh like Wise was some ignorant uneducated fool. Wise has less than 3 months of college, but this principle will still be universally accurate 3000 years from now: 


"The efficiency of any muscle or cardio strength building exercise method can be scored from 0-100. It is simply the percentage of the motion resistance any method provides, that only causes the desired result." 

Craig Wise 2000


In 2010 Wise returned to the universities and organizations with some of the non-kinetic prototypes you see him using in the background (on PCs),  along with over 100 life improving testimonies from elderly, disabled and injured adults that paid him for copies of these early prototypes after they first saw these clips at youtube. 


This time these academic experts - were not amused, they ranged from very concerned looks to downright angry as if they were about to be very embarrassed or replaced.  None laughed or denied this science works, they just would not say a word about them publically, which keeps America's media and government also ignoring this. 


How can America's academic system admit that they continue teaching elderly adults workout methods, that work their joints and spines 100s of times harder than their muscles when only their muscles and hearts even need frequent intense exercise after our joints and spines harden int adulthood by our mid-to-late twenties?   


No exaggeration here, even walking, likely the most commonly prescribed strength building method to the elderly, forces their leg joints to fight more kinetic force than their body weighs on each stride, while only providing 2-10 pounds of resistance against their huge core mobility muscles that could fight hundreds of pounds of it, if their leg joints were not in their way. 


  Far less than one in 100 adults over age 50 can even become powerfully fit using traditional methods when almost all of them (95%+) could if only health and fitness teachers offered non-kinetic methods. 


Wise has designed many more far more advanced non-kinetic devices than you see in this background (or video on a smartphone), and most are not for use in water, but until average Joes like Wise can protect their inventions just these early water-based non-kinetic ones will be all he exposes on the web.   



Far more abilities than traditional workouts offer



Non-kinetic workout devices also allow targeted muscles to fully exert through almost their entire motion range, which never happens with traditional workouts.


For example, if the average adult tried to run with all the range that their core mobility muscles could swing their hips, they would destroy one of their knees on their first stride. Your adult knees have lever allowed your core mobility muscles to fully apply all they have, and until my Lower Body Oars, there was no way to fully apply the core running muscles.  


Non-kinetic devices and methods can also fully oppose (fight) the return motions that all traditional workout methods also miss.  By deeply and painlessly working every involved motion, instead of only half of them, with all traditional workouts, the body builds far greater strength that is in perfect balance, and just this aspect cuts the time it takes to do a full body muscle workout in half.


Building both primary and opposing muscles at the same time also greatly increases posture, and eliminates the many aches and pains that aging adults doing traditional workouts suffer because they are caused by the imbalanced muscle building nature of traditional activity-based exercises, that is eliminated by Non-kinetic methods. 


But because weaker joints and spins are no longer holding muscle exertion down to levels they can handle, the actual time needed for a massive full body muscle and cardio workout kinetically is just 10 minutes a day for older and weaker bodies, aging former athletes will certainly go longer, but they really won't need too.


By not using their arthritic, damaged or just worn down joints and discs, to transfer intense workout forces, their targeted muscles exert up to 100s of times harder, so they only need a few moments per large muscle to work them hard enough to build immensely more strength after age 40. 


Not an Economic Disruption, an Economic Bonus Instead 


By allowing almost every adult at any age to seriously bodybuild, very rapidly without pain,  a massive new demand for fitness support products, apparel, supplements, and personal training will open.


It is impossible to keep much fat around the waist using non-kinetic core devices for 10 minutes a day because they painlessly thrash these core muscles literally 100s of times harder than running can, and this happens even if they cannot walk or swim (in most cases).  


Likely all of the adults who provided these testimonies started replacing their wardrobes before their first month of non-kinetic workouts ended. 

All this added strength and stamina also gives the elderly and motion hindered adults the energy motivation and desire to get the joint replacements and cosmetic surgeries they would have otherwise avoided. 



Wise claims Non-kinetic fitness devices will soon allow police, firefighters and all adults working in highly physical occupations, to become and remain powerfully fit, for a full 40-year career, within just 10 -20 minutes a day.


Non-kinetics can also do this for astronauts on long space flights while taking up very little space on their space-ships.


Wise also believes thus science has shown him how to keep the bones of astronauts at full earth strength (or even stronger), during very long space flights. 


One other thing, non-kinetics will easily tack years onto the playing careers of the world's greatest athletes, because they eliminate the traditional plateaus that happen once adult muscle strengthening matches the mechianical limites of their weakest skeletal parts.


Today's fitness educators apparently do not even know what causes most adult athletic strengthening plateaus, so instead they try to work their aging athletes even harder with activities, which just wears theses maximized joints or vertebra out faster, unknowingly chopping years off of their careers. 


If this all makes perfect sense to you this is because Non-Kinetics is a still unknown branch modern engineering science, not a continuation of the ancient Greek activity based philosophy that all of today's common workout methods, wet or dry, are still being based on.  No joints or spines about it. 


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