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On January 1, 2018, after 17 years of prototyping Non-kinetic (joint and spinal avoiding) devices, Nonkinetics, LLC is planning to launch a series of funding campaigns, to open production of many totally new,  physically empowering and fun products, on Columbus's West Side, starting with our ConvertiPool.


Our Non-kinetic technology (that we first discovered in 2000) has exposed more than enough important, fun and empowering inventions to return the 20,000 industrial jobs Columbus lost over the last two decades, within our first decade, possibly in less than half of that time. 


Since 2008, we fully expected to open production in Central Ohio, however the media and government in larger more industrial markets have shown far greater interest in our inventions than Columbus' government, universities and media, so by January 1st, we will decide to base these campaigns (and open production).  in this area which has alway been our first choice.   

Why the stock should stay local 

Our first campaign will be held in only one market. It is to open the first ConvertiPool assembly line.  This is because we are going to give away the first 20 ConvertiPools, to develop high quality service and installation procedures without practicing them on paying customers.   

The Structure    

We based our initial Convertipool production line for a relatively tiny 25,000sf building.

We based this on the abandoned Sears Westland Auto Service Center building as our start up model, but most structures of a similar size and access could work at first .  This building can only handle one production line, which is all we can use at first. It can grow to 3 shifts before we open additional lines, in multiple or a larger building.  

In a best case scenario, a building with the shape and size of this former Sears Auto Center can accommodate the production of nearly 500 ConvertiPools per month, with about 90 full time workers, working three shifts. We can do this with minimal structural set up, that we can do ourselves (best case scenario). 

ConvertiPool production is labor intensive, but with far less of the industrial (massively expensive) tooling of most large consumer products.  The rolling platforms, that roll ConvertiPools down their assembly line, and more robust versions of them that can tailor them to permanent or temporary locations, we will also build ourselves. 

25,000sf is also small enough to start hand building about 30 ConvertiPools a month using 10 skilled workers with primary building construction and auto body experience.  This first hand built time will be used to establish rapid assembly procedures for the assembly line, and for building the first 20 ConvertiPools away 


Most of the tooling and materials needed, are available at retail stores like Harbor freight and Home Depot, for a fraction of the cost of industrial tools and materials when purchased at these small quantities, at first.  Our founder spent decades in both the new automobile and new home design sales and construction, also here in Columbus.  ConvertiPool construction is a combination of both.

This Sears Auto Service building has been boarded up for about a decade. It is part of a far larger, abandoned (Westland Shopping Center) property, which has been embroiled in do-nothing politics for over a decade. Columbus leaders still do not have a viable Westland redevelopment plan. Because they brag about how well Columbus is doing, they apparantly have not taking a look around the Westside, any farther than walking distance from Broad and High.   

A few politicians have discussed trying to bring more retail stores, restaurants, entertainment and small theme parks  (during their campaigns).  However the already financially stresses citizens of the Westside  need facilities where they make strong incomes not more places to spend money they do not have. 


The main argument supporting the Hollywood Casino project that replaced the huge GM Delphi plant, was that this casino would bring in all kinds of new retail.

Since it opened, at least 4 more major retail stores (within one mile of it) have closed ( Sears, Meijers, Target and Kohl's), and Big Lots world headquarters, a half mile away, is moving to the economically bombing north east side of town. The largest employer on the Westside, Mt Carmel Hospital, is also moving to Grove City.  These good Westside jobs are not being replaced.  

This is not the casino's fault, if you owned a casino, would you want it surrounded by other places where most people spend, or make money?  Our goal is to create 20,000 more great paying industry jobs, and West Columbus is our first choice.   


We want to launch in Central Ohio not only because we live here, but also because Columbus's west and south sides have thousands of skilled industrial product builders who are now flipping hamburgers or filling orders in some warehouse (that use to be a factory) for low wages, when they have the skills to make a great living building great new things like our ConvertiPools.

Our mission is to be able to rapidly increase ConvertiPool production to meet any demand.

We will make this ConvertiPool production location decision by January 1, so for now send us your ideas to help keep this project local. 


Return here frequently over the next 2 months to stay informed. 

Help us bring 20,000 industrial strength jobs back to Columbus's Westside 
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