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Non-Kinetic Muscle Exertion Science History:

Running is Impossible for kids with Feet Pointing in Different Directions

  By Craig Wise, founder of Non-kinetic Technology 

I heard, "quack, quack, quack" echoing down the halls of Etna Road Elementary school, thousands of times.  ​I was unable to run around and play sports with the other kids.  

It did not matter, very few kids even wanted to be seen with the kid that walked like a duck anyways, so I got to be a chubby, sluggish, weird loner kid.  

Then my dyslexia and hyperactivity kept me questing things that did not make sense to me, so my teachers had doctors drug me, to shut me up.   

My first grade Phys Ed teacher told me that "gym class is not really for every kid", meaning me, yet today I know I needed it more than almost any other kid there.

I had loving parents who stayed together until death,  and one older sister who rarely hung around me, likely for the same reasons no other kids wanted did.  

I really do not remember being upset by all the rejection, but I must have been, I did not even want to be around other kids, or teachers, and I absolutely hated school, which made me a horrible student.  


I was happiest alone, driving my parents crazy, taking everything they had apart, just to see the processes than make things worked.​  

Anyways' in my first week of middle school, another 12 year old boy asked me,   “Why don't you point your feet forward when you walk?”

No doubt about, I am far from being a genius. I never even thought of just trying to point my feet in the same direction I wanted to go. 

I gave it a try, and away I went. There was nothing to it, other than I had to remain conscious of doing so for a few months until the angle became more natural.   

If only my 1st grade Phys Ed teachers would have had me think about pointing my feet in the same direction they wanted me to run, six years earlier, instead of having me sit on the bleachers, I would have had a very different childhood.  

​However, I doubt that I have discovered Non-kinetic technology. 

 I only did the absolute minimum to get my high school diploma, to avoid hurting my mother.

​By age 12 I had already missed out on the most important decade of developing leg strength, coordination and mobility.  Even though the quacks stopped, I still could not run, I had so little leg and core strength I would fall down if I tried.

No one was around to tell me to  just "keep trying", so my first motion limited decade, was not my last.  

From age 15 to 27, my lack of leg muscle allowed my knee caps to just dislocate about a half dozen times, when just turning around, each time requiring a 6 week leg cast, as if I had broken a leg.  

My lack of lower core strength was also causing chronic lower back spasms, until age 45.

At age 27, the doctor that removed my last leg cast, mumbled about me not having enough muscle to hold my kneecaps in place. He told me that these dislocations were going to start happening the older and fatter I grew. 

He recommended having me fit for metal knee braces, that I would wear everywhere. This finaly got my attention, so instead I decided to try building some leg muscle, yet at 27, I had never done a single core mobility muscle or cardio workout before. 

But, the next morning I drove over to the gigantic stadium "the Shoe", where the Ohio State Buckeyes play football. I hobbled my way to the top. 


1983 was a friendly time, the Shoe was never locked up back then.  

Anyways, I returned each day to climb it again. After about a week, this became easier, after about two weeks, much easier. By 3 weeks I was climbing it twice a day.

After about month I felt like I was flying, I could quickly reach the top, sometimes skipping over two steps at a time. I could see and feel a load of new leg muscle, and within days I discovered I could also run across land, for the first time in my life!   

I had more than doubled my leg muscle and mobility power, and I felt physically energized for the first time in my life.

I remember thinking, "this must be how athletes feel".  


I know now I was in a 'Runner's Highs'. 

Even after I had finally tightened up my knees with some real muscle, I kept running the Shoe daily, maybe to see how much stronger I could become, or maybe just to make up for nearly 3 very weak decades.

However, after a few more months my knee joints began to ache, so I started skipping every other day, but the pain continued increasing.  Eventually I had to cut my Shoe runs down to twice a month, to prevent constant pain.

I continued doing my core cardio workouts, twice a month.  


Then in May of 1992, I developed several bumps on my neck while my wife and I were vacationing. I did not feel ill, so we just assumed the lumps were caused by the European water.

Craig Wise

 at age 60

Sure this world may have thousands of 60 year old guys with more muscle. But very few who were motion hindered until age 27, and likely none who deeply exercise only their muscles not their spines or joints.  Or for that matter that exercise for less than 21 minutes a day, and have never used a muscle building drug, or supplement of any kind,  I also eat whatever I feel like eating., and have never used weights or setups.

They were not, by the time we returned my neck looked and felt like a sack of golf balls.

I'll never forget the shocked look on my family doctor's face, he could have been more subtle, he looked like he had just seen a ghost. 

I still did not feel ill, but after being sliced, diced and stabbed with 8 surgeries and procedures, I was diagnosed with two advanced strains of immune system cancer, staged at 3B, one notch above "no chance". 

Radiation was not an option, the cancer was found in 7 of the 8 places they invaded. All that was left of my spleen was a stiff fibrous membrane, good thing it was not something important.

I was put on a form of chemotherapy,  so caustic a drop would burn through skin.  Until something like this happens to you or yours , it is hard to explain the deep sadness this causes.  

The cancer never made me feel ill for one minute,  but that concoction made me constantly sick, and for the next year everything would also taste and smell like chemicals.

I still managed to run the Shoe the day before my first chemo session, and then again 2 weeks later, and again 2 weeks after that.  In 60 years I have never been more depressed than then, but I was not giving up.

However, after that second run, I noticed that the only time I felt ok, since starting chemo,  was for the rest of the day, after I ran the steps.   

So I again started running steps every day, but realizing my knees would not hold up, I suspected  I felt better just because I got my heart pounding, not because I spent a half hour or more running the Shoe.  

So I ran the steps in my own house.  Unlike the one level slab ranch I spent my entire childhood in, I now had a house with stairs.  


I went up and down them gently for about about ten minutes a day, which was still plenty enough to get my heart pounding, and I had many good chemo days because of this.  

I do believe that cardio exercise also greatly helped put my cancer into remission, and as the inventor of cardio workout devices, I would love to just leave it at that.

But what else happened I cannot respectfully skip over.  

On July 5, 1992, all those lumps on my neck suddenly vanished while I was praying to God to cure me, in a church.

This happened at a nondenominal church service that my wife dragged me to. The congregation had no clue about me or my situation, they were just singing some song, while I sat there and prayed to myself.  

Have you ever felt a head rush, after suddenly getting up too fast?

That is exactly the feeling I had starting about a second after saying  "Amen" to myself.  However I did not move, but these lumps were suddenly and completely gone. 

I know they suddenly vanished right then because I had developed a bad habit of constantly groping those lumps, Jeanne was constantly pulling my hands off of them. I could not leave them alown for 3 weakening minutes.  Other  than the one they cut out, they were still unchanged when I sat down, and they were gone after that head rush, ten or so minutes later.

I grabbed her and showed her while sitting there,  we both left church that day far happier than when we arrived.  I'm tearing up right now just writing this, and I hardly ever do that. 

The most profound aspect about this was that my deep depression also vanished along with these lumps,  I knew from that minute that I was cured from this cancer.

This was only a month into 8 month prescription of chemotherapy.  The Oncologists could not find any more cancer either. So I told them "I'm done with this chemo, I don't need it".

They tried to explain that this is a full prescription, much like an antibiotic, that I could still have microscopic cancer cells that will just grow back even stronger if I don't finish. But they did not matter, I was so sure I was cured, I knew better, maybe, but we will never know.  

 Even though Jeanne,  a Registered Nurse, was also very happy about the lumps instantly vanishing, she threaten to leave me if I did not complete the prescription.  So for her I took the medicine. 

My hair held on strong until that eighth month, when even my eyebrows said "good by". 

What a blessing that I never spent another second worrying about that cancer returning,  even with 7/8ths of the chemo remaining, what an awesome gift.

 That was twenty five years ago, not a trace since.  I could get it again tomorrow and I was still totally cured (I belive that day) in 92.   

But I still felt chemo sickness for several years. This may have been in my head, but I kept running my home stairs for a ten minutes daily,  until the intense knee pain returned several years later. 

I backed back down to ten minutes, twice a week, then twice a month, which again was all I could manage to prevent constant knee pain.

But even so little exercise cause my knee pain to keep increasing again, until 1997 when I finally gave up exercise completely, and my weight ballooned back up to 230 pounds.  I weigh about 180 now.

In 1998, at 42, I joined a fitness center to see if they could help. It was the first time I had ever worked out in a gym. 

They had me do 'cross training' workouts gently, which did help for about a year, but the knee pain became intolerable, and I tried their pool aerobics.  


I could do this but it did not feel like I was doing anything, because so many motions just let almost all of the resistance go.  I also tried swimming but I could not work any of my large muscles swimming. I know now that swimming is a form of travel through water with the least resistance possible.  

By 2000, I could not do any traditional cardio core workouts at all. 

Even though I had fixed my physical issues twice as an adult, using core/cardio exercise, I could no longer do them, so I thought my time was about over.   

I had spent most of the previous decade designing and selling new homes for large local construction company.  My work often had me trace damaging forces through blueprints, basically to save the company and my buyers money.

One day in early 2000, my declining health caused me to try tracing the forces of exercise through sketches of adult bodies exercising, which turned out to be much the same as tracing invisible forces through blueprints.  


I naively tried mapping these forces to see if I could measure the efficiency of any exercise method, to see if there was one that could still help me.

I soon realized that all traditional core/cardio workouts drive their resistance energy that strengthens muscles, through my leg joints just to reach my large core muscles.


Mapping these force interactions exposes that virtually every intense traditional (kinetic chain) workout, works by loading down our joints and vertebrae until they become far harder for muscles to move.  


Because traditional workouts keep joints and discs in-between the point the resistance enters the body (usually the hands or feet) and the targeted muscle, these parts typically end up being the hardest worked parts.  This is great for building far stronger joints and discs while these parts are still growing, but after these parts start struggling to just recover.


  I noticed that while using a bicycle gently enough to remain seated, our leg joints are only fight about twice as much forces as fights the targeted core muscles,  however a 200 pound person running on a traditional treadmill can have leg joints fighting up to 1000 pounds of assorted forces, while the core running muscles are fighting only 40-60 pounds of resistance per stride, forcing joints to work about 20 times harder than muscles. 

A runner actually gets far more core running strength by running on a track, because the floor of a modern treadmill is already moving , eliminating most of its muscle building resistance.


By studying human anatomy, I noticed that our feet and knees have considerably more blood supply than the body's largest running muscles.  This caused me to theorized that the hard working heart rates from running are caused mostly by the heart pumping blood around these hard working joints and spines, to help pad them from so much impacting compression.  

Anyways I learned many previously unknown facts about physical exercise, but my search to find something that could still build my strength failed, there were no traditional workout methods that allow aging muscles to work harder than joints, or spines.

However doing this caused me to realize that the same simple rule that engineers use to find the efficiency of anything powered by external force, would also expose the efficiency of any physical exercise method, for one very simple reason.


All physical exercise methods are also powered by an external energy, which is a kinetic force called "Motion Resistance".  So  because no one else was using this, I wrote the rule for physical exercise,  that has since worked flawlessly as the basic design objective for now hundreds of  Non-kinetic (kinetic force avoiding) devices and methods, that I have successfully tested.


"The efficiency of any physical exercise method,

is the percentage of its motion resistance energy, 

that only causes the intended results".  

To mechanical minded people this law sounds too obvious to be still unknown by fitness educators, yet if you ask 100 physical trainers and doctors, "What causes any physical exercise method to be more or less efficient?",  you are more likely to hear 100 different answers, then the only one that is scientifically verifiable, universally consistent, and it works everytime, for almost everyone.   

I only realized that was apparantly the first person to apply this extremely powerful rule because today's fitness experts, just like fitness experts thousands of years ago, judge exercise methods by comparing users, visual improvements and statistics, the word 'efficiency' is not even part of today's exercise vocabulary. 

'Efficiency' is the science of comparing things only against their full potential, not against anything else. Without understanding somethings full potential,  something that is terribly inefficient can easily be confused with something that is very efficient, simply because everything it is being compared too id even more inefficient. .

For example, compared to candles in 1872, Thomas Edison's 10% efficient light bulbs seemed to be 1000% efficient. Now his light bulbs are illegal for stores in many countries to sell as a new product, because they so terribly inefficient. 

Engineer Nikola Tesla pointed out that Thomas's light bulbs were wasting around 90% of the electricity they burned. For exposing the same law for efficiency (I applied to physical exercise) for electrical devices,  he was shunned and ignored by American's electrical academics, for also about a decade. I now relate to Tesla in numerous ways. 

Anyways,  I began pondering why exercise method efficiency is still not part of the fitness world, and found two obvious reasons.


First, almost any intense traditional workout is almost perfectly efficient  while our entire body is still growing up, until around age 22, planting the wrong assumption that if it works great for young people it should work just as well for their parents and grandparents.

This is because every part that the motion resistance damages, rapidly heals to an even bigger stronger state, while all parts are still developing.  So other than young people are not doing nearly enough traditional exercise to maximize their eventual and permanent adult skeletal strength, this discovery changes very little for people under age 22. 

To visualize this, imagine how long the parents of a high school football star would last, trying to all of his workouts and practices at the same intensity. 

The second most obvious reason is that at first traditional workouts often seem to be working very well for aging adults, which is very short lived.  

At apparantly any age, healthy muscles and hearts still rapidly heal to bigger stronger states after being worked hard,  which happens right at first for many aging adults.


It can take a day, week or even several months before the weakest joints and or discs of aging adults accumulate enough damage to begin hurting (from doing enough exercise to build a higher fitness level).  


But after this pain starts, if they continue working out intensely enough to build a higher fitness level, our old workouts soon become joint and spinal torture that far less than 5% of elderly adults can even tolerate, entirely because the cartilage that protects these little skeletal parts, wears through because this much traditional exercise does not give this material enough time to fully recover.  

At apparantly any age healthy muscles, hearts and bones still benefit from frequent hard work. But a relatively tiny amount of stuff called cartilage, which protects your joints and discs, spoils the efficiency of kinetic chain workout methods for aging adults, because by our late twenties it already needs more days to fully recover, than muscles and hearts need to build new strength.

I conducted a few experiments to see if muscles could be deeply worked, without also deeply working the joints and vertebrae attached to them.

After I verified that this is possible, I tried to tell the leaders of local health and fitness colleges and organizations, "that once you start stop overworking joints and spines with intense muscle and heart exercise, you could massively strengthen at least 20 times as many aging adults".

All I remember seeing were ruling eyes, and all I remember hearing were their giggles, as if some utter fool had stumbled in off the street. 

What are the chances of a motion limited, independent engineer, without an health or fitness education, and less than 6 months of college, to go tell America's trillion dollar fitness and health industries, educators, the media and government, that they need to learn what causes exercise method efficiency?

To go from less than 5% of aging adults, to over 95% being able to build and maintain a far higher level of fitness, is not a small advancement.  A jump from 5% to 95% is 20 times,  making this by far the greatest advancement in adult physical fitness since the beginning of time.  They just laughed.   

I needed to start applying my words, to also make them physical. So I began testing every engineering principle and natural property I could find, to discover ways to deeply work aging muscles and hearts without also working joints and spines. 

I think it was March of 2001, and I had a flash of intelligence, as I drove past a TV tower during a wind storm so powerful it was blowing semi trucks into other lanes on the freeway. 


As I approached this cable supported TV tower, I noticed that as long as its cables hold firmly, its frame was oblivious to the wind.  I was looking at a frame (skeleton) that was not being work hard, while it's flexible support cables (muscles) were being powerfully worked.   

Of course I prototyped the simplest device I could for myself, using this awesome property that avoids the frame, I could blast muscles. 

Well, I build my first lower Body Oars prototype, I call LOBOS, directly from what this tower exposed.  I did get bruised and blistered, but LOBOS worked my core muscles and heart very deeply, while avoiding skeletal stress, just as this real science told me it would.

From being totally unable to do a core muscle/cardio workout to being in the best mobility and motion shape of my life, to that point, in about two months, and this was just every other day for about ten minutes. I did not yet realize I could painlessly do this every day. 

I still lost about 6 inches from my waist even before I lost any weight on the scale.   But since my knees no longer hosted a war between resistance, weight, and muscles effort forces, the were no longer damaged, and never ached again. It took a few more years before I realized I could do these painless intense workouts every day without building up and joint or disk damage.  

I still could not imagine opening a company to produce all these things my mind was starting to see. But discovering something that among many things could greatly strengthen 20 times as many elderly adults as traditional methods, is a huge deal. 

I had to  try to get America's health and fitness educators to understand this science of only working the parts of the aging body, that still benefit, while avoiding the parts that do not.

However, getting people in the city of Columbus to understand devices designed for water, is sort of like taking to Jamaicans about  devices designed for snow.  The average Columbus citizen never uses a pool, or the tiny muddy river running through downtown.  

By 2007 I had prototyped LOBOS so many times they were now easy enough for elderly, injured and disabled adults in warmer places, to get them working wonderfully.  

By 2008 I was comfortable enough with my design that I molded two hundred sets, over a plastic very limited use mold, and I posted several videos of these devices in use at Youtube. 

Devices that efficiently exercise elderly and motion limited adults, are not the stuff of viral videos, but about a year later I had 60-80 users, after two years I about 150.  I had to charge them $200-400 for sets, which in hindsight was ideal.

If I tried to pick out users to just send them LOBOS for free, they would have likely never used them, And I would not learn anything.  These people used them as fast as I could make them, ideal for making sure they work without having to be there.

I  began receiving more truly empowering email testimonies than sets I built, as many of these people also had their family and friends use their sets.

You can now read their testimonies above, that they emailed to my still existing email, I have many more by phone, and face to face that were not recorded.  Anyways they worked wonders every time for every user without exception.


Feel free to  search the net until your fingers wear out and you will not find a single person that ever said they did not work wonders.  Also the most serious injuries were a few bruises and blisters, that I eliminated by adding padding to all unites. 

So in 2009, I combined a stack of their testimonies with a set of LOBOS, and several other prototypes, and went back to the university and corporate experts.

This time I did not see any eyes rolling, or hear any laughter, now their fitness experts went into spontaneous denial, like candlestick makers the first time someone tried to show them light bulbs. 


The more I pondered this the more I realized how our muscles also support our skeletons, much as those cables support that tower.


I realized that if I designed the first devices for water, I could not only apply this principle, but also magnify it by around 800 times, as water is about 800 times denser and heavier than air.

I also found properties to build dry use devices, however water also provides properties I have to build into dry use devices.  


This simplicity of design made non-kinetic devices designed for water far more affordable for me to prototype over and over again on my average income.

Traditional (kinetic) exercises load down our skeletons so our muscles must work harder to move our bones, much like this tower loaded down with weight, to force its cables to also work harder.    The first design principle I applied came from this tower's ables do far harder work, without adding any more damaging compression through the tower.   

The years were passing, but I was not giving up, more Non-kinetic devices kept popping into my mind, and I had to test them.  

Last fall (2016) the mother of a 20 year Old Southern California girl born with spinifera, contacted me after seeing one of my youtube clips.  The girl could not do traditional exercise because her legs are paralyzed from her knees down.

My inventions enabled her to start doing powerful core cardio workouts, and she loved them.

Several weeks later her father, who I had not spoken with before, called to thank me for helping her.

He mentioned that he works for a So Cal marketing company.  He looked over these early devices, and ,"Forget standard product start up procedures, this is an industry, not a product".  He told me to take several of my inventions directly to the public, through one of these crowd-funding websites. 

It has been over a century since the last average citizens launched an important new industry, yet from 1870 and 1890, average American's introduced inventions that launched important new industries almost annually.

The last time it happened was the Wright Brothers, who launched the aviation industry. 

The most tragic aspect of this academic denial is that most new industries cause the opsoulassance of previous industries (like light bulbs causing candlesticks to become a novelty, instead of a necessity), Non-kinetics is the science of making our existing things work better for far more adults.

For the fitness and health industries, Non-kinetics will be like handing candlestick makers a new candle wax formula, that allows them to make new candles that burn a hundred times brighter, and last longer.

In its full scope, Non-kinetics is the industry of enhancing almost all other physical products, making them more usable and desirable for far more consumers.

Unlike fitness experts, engineers are not embarrassed by Non-kinetic exertion science, because it is basically engineering 101, applied to human mechanics.  So if you don't understand this enormous potential, get any real engineer to look this over.

For you help you can own special first editions of the world's first highly efficient, consumer ready adult fitness devices,  before anyone else can buy them, and for a discounted price.  

I will also personally sign each set that goes to crowdfunding supporters.  But the more generous you are, the more Non-kinetic devices will soon be available. I like Tesla will cherry pick this science to get the biggest impact  over the next few years.

It is important for you to understand that these water based devices are only  the first, the devices I plan for next year will massively increase the efficiency of virtually every existing workout machine, as well as free weight and ground exercises. 

When the expert educators in the field of your inventions go into denial, you are not going any more respect from the media, health organizations and the government, because they reject you because the experts do.  


About 2010 I applied this TV tower principle to simple exercise methods for water without using devices.  


Theses methods are not as empowering as my Non-kinetic devices, as they are only as strong as the muscles around the knees (can maintain tension) but they are still very effective for people that have trouble doing traditional exercise.


In 2011 I posted this video which has been very helpful. 


5 Ways to Greatly Strengthen Weak Legs 

The natural first level of Non-kinetic devices are adult fitness devices because they all load targeted muscle effort before it enters our skeleton.  


The coolest Non-kinetic devices are yet to come, hopefully by 2019, because they do things with the muscle effort that they load, like provide us with new physical abilities, as well as enhancing our existing ones. 

Leave me your contact info, so I can contact you when this campaign begins, we are planning it for May, 2017.  All supporters will be the first to know about these things, and our opportunities.   This is an industry that needs real folks like you to launch it.


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