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Non-Kinetic Exercise is "Adults Only"

 Kinetic exercise is naturally more effective for kids and young adults

Non-K devices and appliances should not be used by normal healthy people under age 23. This is because traditional workouts are very effective at building immensely stronger joints while human skeletons are also naturally developing strength and size.

 Non-K devices will still avoid joints and spines, at the only time in our lives when frequently overworking them will massively strengthens them, so normal healthy young people are better off using traditional workouts. They can over build their muscles later. 


For instance treadmills deeply work still growing joints and discs so effectively they appear to be as wonderful for rapidly growing young bodies as they are horrible for fully grown aging bodies. 


Treadmills are the most empowering workout machine we have mapped for normal healthy children to very young adults.   

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