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Since Ancient Greece Adult Athletes have been hitting a 'Mysterious Plateau", where they start Losing Strength and Speed, by Pushing their Traditional Workouts even Harder.  

Our force mapping methods have exposed that once athletic muscle strengthening reaches the mechanical limit of an aging (25+) athlete's weakest joint, disc or other kinetic link when using intense traditional workouts, these part starts wearing down, which weakens them. 

This weakening reduces the amount of resistance energy these parts can deliver against exerting muscles, so the harder they try, the more they weaken (wear down) these parts, thus unnecessarily reducing their muscle speed and strength, while greatly increasing pain.

Because Non-Kinetic workout devices and appliances deliver their resistance directly against targeted muscle contractions, they naturally avoid their joints and spines, so their mechanical limited do not hold muscles exertion back. 

These new devices will allow aging muscles to exert up to 100s of times harder than the weakest, or worn down joints or spinal discs can tolerate with traditional methods.

Non-kinetic workouts can allow aging athletes to continue  muscle and speed strengthening, for many more years, forever ending this mysterious plateau, while extending their careers.  


Because athletes are already powerfully fit people, and well over 95% of average elderly and motion hindered adults are not, we have focused far more on designing devices for these folks.

But as soon as we get rolling, we can produce 100s Non-K devices, appliances and methods to for adult athletes.

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