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Body Oars 

Iron Man Champion Dr. Jay Lehr, at age 75

 uses our Body Oars every day he is at home 

Why Non-kinetics is the greatest leap in adult fitness technology ever:

Even a badly stubbed toe could prevent an athletic adult from doing a traditional core running muscle/cardio workout, because even a tiny part can temporarily become the weakest link in a kinetic chain. Virtually thousands of other issues can also prevent enough exertion to build muscle and many if not most are permanent conditions. 

By directly accepting core running muscle effort, a Non-kinetic core/cardio device such as our RAMBOS, can allow an adult athlete to fully exert (apply, exercise) their core running muscles, as hard as these muscles can exert, and do so even several days after breaking a lower leg or foot bone, or tearing an ACL in the knee.  

Not only will this athletic adult still be able to deeply run their core power and cardio energy as they recover from serious injuries, they will actually be working their core running power far deeper and harder than they ever have before if only using traditional running workouts, while in perfect health. 

This is because our athletic RAMBOS(full exertion lower body oars) work like adding an exoskeleton to externally transfer these forces our skeletons have always transferred before,  so these broken parts are not involved, and the weakest link in the force transfer becomes their core running muscles,  making them very easy to overwork, very rapidly. While the heart pounds as if running. 

How much harde ?


To give an example of how much harder our RAMBOS allow core running muscles to exert, many adult athletes could run a 26 mile marathon without failing their running muscles.   RAMBOS can totally fail their core running muscles (glutes, hams quads) in minutes.  

That may not sound like much but failing a muscle is the holy grail of muscle building. This causes the type of muscle cell damage that rapidly causes muscles to heal to bigger stronger states at any age.  

By now you may think that Non-kinetics could greatly extend a pro athlete's career,  and that would be correct, however these devices work even better for elderly and motion hindered adults,  for the same reason, they allow total exertion regardless of countless weaknesses and physical disabilities.  

To say this another way, a device we call LOBOS, (a light effort only needed version of RAMBOS) will allow likely most adults that cannot even walk or swim, to suddenly and painlessly exert their core running and abdominal muscles hundreds of times deeper than they could accomplish any other way.


Better for these people because the modern athlete is already powerfully fit, and non-kinetics can provide very powerful fitness to almost any adult that could not even do a traditional workout.


Average, elderly and motion hindered adults will be the main market for non-kinetic exercise equipment because the thousands of other fitness machine makers fight over mostly young people who still have strong joints and disks. 

It is important to know that Non-kinetic equipment is should not be used by healthy people under age 21,  because they still have joints and disks that rapidly heal to bigger stronger states after being overworked, much like muscles at any age.



In 2009 we posted videos of Craig Wise (the inventor, and discoverer of Non-kinetic science) using LOBOS at YouTube.


We were then contacted by about 150 elderly, injured and disabled adults. Each paid us to make them copies of our LOBOS prototypes.


For the most part these people could not even do a traditional workout, yet LOBOS worked wonders for each and every one. You can read some of their emails they sent to our  above, under the testimonials button above.    

Since 2008, Wise has been building his Body Oars inventions for injured, disabled and elderly people by hand, one set at a time. Until several strange intellectual property issues are resolved, they will not go into mass production. If you have special needs that require Body Oars Contact Us

For more about Body oars that can be exposed, click here to link to Wise's old website

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