In the early 2000s  Craig Wise noticed that a well secured cable supported TV tower, in a very strong wind, does not stress the frame (skeleton), but can work the crap out of its cables (muscles).

Because water and air dynamics are nearly identical Wise began realizing how to design Non-kinetic water exercises that do not need devices, by applying this property with two others.


Instead of using devices, forces are passed through the extremities and around joints as tension force carried by muscles and ligaments instead through joints and disks as compression force.

This is very empowering for weaker and elderly adults because it simply allows them to exert large muscles harder because all the resistance gets to work muscles.  

With traditional water workouts and swimming most of the resistance is actually lost through many unnecessary motions, and lack of body stability. And Also almost resistance that does reach large core muscles with these traditional methods first does pass through joints. 

Because the amount of resistance that reaches the large core muscles is still weak link limited to the amount of tension the muscles and ligaments around the user's extremity joints can handle, the core strength and stamina of aging and slightly hindered adults  can be rapidly and significantly increased painlessly.


However these methods cannot maximize strength because the still create weaker and stronger.  Strength maximizing can only happen with Non-kinetic devices that make the targeted muscles the weakest links. 


However for average and elderly the methods in this book are several times more potent than  water aerobics or swimming for both cardio and core strengthening, spending about half the time. 

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Non-kinetic Workouts for Swimming Pools