Columbus is an ideal location to build my 4 season Convertipools, but it is also one of America's most difficult cities to launch independen ideas


 Columbus is within 600 miles of America's largest cold winter  cities, its westside and south ends  have thousands of skilled factory workers now earning unskilled incomes. It still has an abundance of large empty or barely used buildings. Combined with the fact we are already here, these things make Columbus an ideal location to launch production of our steamy hot, year round cold weather ConvertiPools.

However Columbus is a notoriously rough city for promoting new ideas or inventions from average independent citizens (unless about weapons or hamburgers).  It is as if the Columbus media, OSU, large local business and politicians assume that "great new things can (or must) only come from big universities, Phds, the government or powerful companies", which historically is rarely the case.  

Local organizations like OSU and Battelle, have produced thousands of new 'innovations' (new features, abilities or improvements to existing things ), but "totally new things", are almost never conceived by organizations or universities, even though many have been conceived here.  

This "average citizens are just not smart enough to create important new things" mindset has existed  here here since before 1903, giving Columbus the reputation of never introducing important new things. Which have already had horrible deadly results. 

For Example:

The Wright Brothers had flown dozens of times over Central Ohio during the five and a half years after their first flight at Kitty Hawk (in 1903). Yet Columbus's daily newspapers never even mentioned them until 1908.  During those years they ran stories about a Dr. Samuel Laungly, the President of the Smithsonian Institution, that claimed he had achieved human powered flight, yet he never came close. 

Columbus's and America's large newspapers only began covering the Brothers in 1908, after they spent just one hour above Paris, and hit European Headlines the next day.  If not for these Ohio brothers showing their local invention off in France, you would have never even heard of the Wright Brothers. 

However, if the Wrights were "upper class or educated citizens", like Dr. Langley, instead of being high school dropout nobodies,  I believe the Columbus newspapers would have broke the story 'that man can fly', 5 years before it the European papers broke it.

Because Columbus' academic, political and media powers choose to ignore this average  Joe discovery, and Germany did not, by 1914, German planes were about decade more advanced than America's.  This aspect absolutely prolonged World War 1, likely causing hundreds of thousands of additional casualties.   

 The main reason that so many all new things come from California is that organizations there know that the greatest new inventions usually come from independent minds, so their media and large companies look for individual ideas, instead of go into denial and totally ignore them.  

So for the first 2 months of 2018, we will be trying to gain enough local support to launch production of ConvertiPools in west Columbus.  If not, we will launch in one of 6 other states that has shown immensely more interest in our "Non-Kinetic" (joint and spinal avoiding) adult fitness technology over the last decade, than locally. 

In 2000 simple engineering science showed us a jaw dropping discovery, that almost all physical activities that we do (including virtually every physical exercise method, wet or dry),  forces some joints or vertebrae and spines to fight 3-100s of times more force than fights large muscles.


This discovery explains why frequent high intensity workouts are wonderfully effective for young still growing up bodies, before becoming unbearable torture for older and mobility hindered adults. 


Since then we have successfully prototyped hundreds of methods that will allow about 20 times as many elderly and disabled adults to build and maintain immensely stronger bodies and stamina painlessly.


My adult empowering joint and spinal avoiding inventions have just been too embarrassing for Columbus powers to acknowledge.  Their fitness experts typically act like candlestick makers the first time they heard of light bulbs.  I have less than 3 months of college, yet If I was a professor at OSU, with exactly the same Non-Kinetic discoveries and inventions,  many would be everywhere by now.  

Craig Wise