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The ConvertiPool 

This prototype is the World's First, Year-Round (Hot Winter-Cool Summer), Permanent or Portable, Closed/Open (Top), Non-Stop Swimming/Pleasure/Workout Pool/ Hot Tub/ Steam Sauna Combo, for Cold Winter cities, planned to sell for the price of  a low-cost Hot Tub  - $4,000-5,000!  

Production ConvertiPools will have 100s of visual differences than this prototype, like high-quality fits and finishes, and many architectural top choices that will beautifully complement any property, inside or out. 


In as few as 3 months, gorgeous production versions could be line produced inside of West Columbus's many vacant buildings. 

This prototype is about to start its fifth year of nearly non-stop year-round operation, behind this West Columbus home.  It more than proves they work wonderfully, and very economically, and can even be nearly self-cleaning without chlorination. 

Like Hot Tubs, ConvertiPools are free-standing, so users should not have to deal with building permits. Because ConvertiPools can be rolled away, they can also be installed over easements, without the expense of relocating utilities.  ConvertiPools can even be trailered to another home, a campsite,  party, or even moved inside buildings and used the same day.  


Plug in and fill up ConvertiPools have hard walls inside and out (insulated better than ice chests), so no tacky vinyl liners here. Hard walls outside allow us, contractors or homeowners to finish them in stone. cedar, stone, stucco, brick, siding to complement their home.

Here under 6 layer 

clear insulated top

Spring & Fall

Unlike this prototype, production tops will have a tailored fit, and have architecturally styled frame choices, not this PVC tube frame. Small image shows prototype with a 6 layer top, up to a 24 layer top will  keep ConvertiPools affordably hot in places that make Columbus seem tropical  


A Hot, Enclosed Year Round Swimming Pool, for about 1/10th of what that costs traditionally!

ConvertiPools will end the impracticality problems of attaining and maintaining a year-round outdoor pool in very cold climates.  With retail aimed at under $5000, compared to $50,000 to have a contractor build a small heated pool built and then enclosed it for cold cities! 

ConvertiPool Options:

Comfortable access even during blizzards!


Likely five separately enclosed, infrared heated, architecturally designed entry (foyer) choices for dressing (privately), accessing the water, and drying off comfortably even during a blizzard, will also be available. These removable or permanent entries will also provide inclosed access to all mechanical systems and options, so they can also be serviced comfortably in any weather.  Because warm water relaxes blatter's a unisex urinal will also be an entry option. 


Many homeowners will have decks extended around a ConvertiPool, some for that built-in look, or to provide easy access for motion limited people.  A power lift chair will also be available.  

With Permanent Heated Cabana Entry

Patents Pending - All details are subject to change.   Non-K™  Non-Kinetic Exercise™  Non-Kinetics™ Hybrid kinetics™   Body Oars Core Oars   LOBOS™  RAMBOS  UBOS  XBOS™  ConvertaPoolConvertiPoolConvertiPools™ Exercise Efficiency™  are   trademarks of Nonkinetics, LLC        ©2017 Nonkinetics, LLC      

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