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As our RAMBOS can be set to blast core muscles vertically, our Non-kinetic Core Oars do so  horizontally, blasting away love handles and forming serious core muscle definition, painlessly, for almost any adult, at any age, regardless of countless motion weaknesses.

We have not yet revealed this exoskeleton device so we will not until we put it into production.


But look at the before and after difference that Core Oars made during testing this past summer to their inventor, and thus painless device can work for virtually anyone, at any age because it does not load or stress joints or spinal discs., so in most cases their damaged condition will not interfere. 

Core Oars

The discoverer of Non-kinetic exertion science, engineer Craig Wise (age 60) shows the core muscle definition difference from using his painless Core  Oars' prototype, for ten of his daily twenty minute workout. The second image is one month later, then the video clip was shot at three months.  


On June 1, 2016 Wise used a Core Oar prototype for the first time, and he did so for 10 of his 20 non-kinetic workout minutes a day. On his 60th birthday, July 2, 2016, a  mild six pack appeared on his belly for the first time in his entire life. 

 Wise dismantled this prototype on August 31,  2016, the day before this video clip was shot.  For several years before June 1, Wise did not use any of his Body Oars devices, as he wrote a book on basic Non-kinetic water exercises without devices, which also builds big strong core muscles, but with very little muscle definition (cut).


By July 2, even though he spent about the same amount of time working out, the amount of new definition is undeniable.

Wise was born with slightly crooked knees which prevented him from ever doing cardio or mobility exercise (or even being able to run) before he started figuring adult exercise out age 27.  His quest to build powerful fitness without loading workout forces through his joints and spinal disks caused his discovery of Non-kinetic workout methods and devices in 2002.  He had never had a muscular looking core before age 60. 

In that video notice the muscle definition on his back, this is actually more telling.  Almost all of his Non-kinetic inventions fully resist all motion directions, so as he works chest and abdominal muscles his reverse direction muscles also build like mad. Virtually no traditional chest and abdominal methods or devices including free weights load all motion directions, or load the full range of the primary direction. Non-Kinetic devices  blast all three (primary, opposing and range), without even working your joints or spinal discs.  

      Taken 5/30/16

Video shot  9/1/16 

33 days later 7/2/16  

(Wise's 60th Birthday)

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