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Economic Enhancing, not Replacing


Physical Trainers and Fitness industry 

When many, if not most physical trainers first hear about this joint and spinal avoiding adult workout technology, they go into instant denial like candlestick makers the first time they heard of lightbulbs.  Most do not want to spend one more second discussing these inventions (because adult workouts that only allow muscles and hearts to do the intense exercise work is not yet part of a health or physical education.  

However, unlike most new product laden technologies (like light bulbs replacing candles), Non-kinetics is not about to replace traditional workout methods or devices. Instead it will make today's physical exercise methods and devices work 3 to  100s of times more effectively  (and efficiency) for middle aged, elderly and physically limited people.

Only the first several dozen Non-Kinetic devices were designed for use in swimming pools and hottubs (because they were the most affordable to prototype on Wise's average household income).


Most of these adult fitness devices will be new parts fitted onto existing workout machines, or body worn appliances,  that massively increase the aging adult efficiency of existing exercise methods, because they fully exert muscles while barely driving any (or none at all) of these muscles building forces through joints or spines first (as all intense traditional workouts always have and still do).


These joint and spinal avoiding fitness devices for aging adults, will barely change the adult workout programs, that health and fitness experts currently prescribe them. However (without all the joint and spine smashing, stress and pain) traditional workouts will suddenly work immensely more effectively (and painlessly) for about 20 times as many aging and motion limited people, than the same methods do today

Beyond also exposing that the vast majority of young people (under 23) are not doing nearly enough traditional exercise to maximize the strength of their adult joints and discs (when their skeletons harden into adulthood in their early 20s), it will also not change the workouts young healthy people do, (beyond having them do even more). 

These Non-k parts that are added to existing workout machines, can be switched off for young people.  

Non-K will not only increase the aging adult market for physical trainers, and fitness products,  by up to 20 times, it will also keep these people using trainers.

This is because these devices prevent their joints and spines from being smashed, so intense workouts will no longer turn into aging adult torture sessions after a few weeks, preventing them from quitting on their trainers  after their first month or so.   Even they go into denial now, there are not enough physical trainers to handle all the business non-K can generate. 

After they accept non-kinetic technology, instead of being too embarrassed to publicly discuss it, America's universities will need to greatly increase their capacity of physical trainers they graduate, simply because they will be able to massively strengthen 20 times as many (almost all) aging and motion hindered adults.


Health and Medical industry

Non-kinetics is great treatment for atrophy, inactivity, weakness, lower back aches, and insomnia, it also improves overall health, just as a stronger body is naturally better at dealing with health problems, but Non-K is only a viable cure for aging and hindered adult physical weakness.  

many if not most of today's medical professionals assume that far stronger older folks will take money out of doctor's pockets.  Again This will not be the case.


Non-K  is not going to prevent most illnesses, surgeries or afflictions, however because it will keep many of their best customers (older and worn out adults), alive for a few extra, very profitable years.

because Non-k methods also greatly increase energy and stamina, it will cause countless adults to get joint replacement surgeries, as well as far more elective procedures, they would not do without this new way to greatly increase their energy (activity).

Far more active elderly people will also spend far more money on countless products and entertainment. 

Police, Firefighters and Highly Physical Workers  

Non-K devices and methods will be able to keep firefighters, police and all highly physical workforces powerfully fit for a full 40 year career, simply because they will not wear out their aging joints and spinal discs, or ever become tortuous to do.

The Military


Non-kinetics is not going to expose anything that can become a highly destructive weapon, as this is a personal technology that bypasses kinetic links that prevent fully exerting human muscles.

However, it has already shown us how to build a body attached device that will for instance, could allow Navy Seals, to swim underwater, under their own power, likely twice as fast as swimming in flippers.   


Non-K will not make much difference (even be used) for most people going through basic training,  because they are typically under 21 years old. 

Clothing Industry

Non-Kinetics has six powerful connections to the clothing industry. For now we will only discuss two.


First, almost every adult, who has been using our non-kinetic methods and devices, began replacing their wardrobes usually within their first month.  

Because these first Non-kinetics devices are core muscle based, allowing far deeper exertion of the muscles around the waist than traditional workouts,  the fat deposits that normally stick to the waist (because core muscles are the hardest to work traditionally), rapidly melt (liquify) back into the bloodstream, even before the exercise burns the fat.  


Most adults with large waistlines lose 4-6 inches around their waists in the first two weeks, using LOBOS for about ten minutes a day, even before they lose much if any weight. Some even gain a little weight (at first) with still very large inch losses.    

Many if not most of these adults start buying new wardrobes after about three weeks, mainly to show their trimmer waistlines, but they should wait at least 2 months, to avoid buying these things over again.

LOBOS have the opposite effect on skinny adults, they typically add several inches, of all new or re energized atrophied muscle, around their waists. Either way, these people who could not even do an intense traditional workout, buy new wardrobes soon after starting Non-K.

Space Travel

NASA knows nothing about this science yet, however we see how Non-Kinetics can help keep astronauts powerfully fit during very long deep space flights, while taking up very little space.

We also see how to use it in reverse on skeletons, to constantly maintain high bone density, which is still a big problem for extended spaceflight.   

Were you in fine physical condition, many years ago?

The most impressive instant Non-K aspect for adults who had been very muscular in early life, is how the devices re energize their atrophied muscles far faster than anyone can build new muscle. Often noticeable amounts of atrophied core muscles become visible after their first gentel 10 minute session, sending these folks right back into the fitness product and clothing markets.   

Simply stated our adult joint and spine avoiding workout devices, methods, parts and appliances are going to greatly increase many markets, without harming anything but a few academic egos.  

Not only adult fitness devices

Because the first thing a non-kinetic devices does is directly oppose targeted muscle contractions, the most basic devices are naturally adult fitness machines.  The more advanced Non-K devices go on to do something fun or beneficial with this tapped muscle energy, providing human bodies with physical abilities they never imagined before. Employers will love the fact that this technology will greatly increase (or strengthen) the physical work their physical workers can do.     The economic benefits of Non-kinetic science are enormous. 

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