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Almost all firefighters and most police were very athletic while growing up, and remain very serious about staying powerfully fit after joining their department of force.


If you visit many firehouses, as Wise has, you will find many extremely powerful and fast young firefighters, but if you move to the middle aged and senior members, it is almost shocking the amount of pain they endure trying to maintain powerful fitness.


Countless aging firefighters have constant nagging injuries that slow them down or make many aspects of their work almost impossible for them to continue doing.  Many if not most will tell you that their motion and exertion limiting injuries were caused by their traditional workouts.


Traditional workouts drive the resistance to their large muscles groups through their aging joints and spinal disks after these parts no longer have the ability to rapidly heal to bigger stronger states, which grows more painful with each workout, limiting how hard their targeted muscles can work. 


Non-Kinetic workouts bypass these weakining painful kinetic links to not only prevent farther damage to them, but to allow their large muscle groups to continue fully exerting.


Non-kinetic workout machines will allow them to also do extremely high muscle exertion workouts every day, as their joints and disks will no longer need recovery time, since they will not be damaged.


From experience we already know that the young athletic ones, that have not yet worn out a weak link, often do not even want to hear about this, because kinetic workouts have always worked so wonderfully, so far.


Simply stated (baring accident or disease), Non-Kinetic exercise science can easily, painlessly and rapidly keep aging firefighters and police in extremely powerful physical condition for a full career, even after they have worn down their joints or disks.


These non-kinetic machines will also allow them to spend far less time working out, because these will be the world's first workout machines that deliver up to unlimited amounts of motion resistance force, only against targeted muscle contractions, instead of through every weak kinetic link first, as all stout traditional workouts always have.

Non-Kinetic workouts can painlessly keep firefighters and police powerfully fit, for a full fourty year career 

Years ago , Iron Man Champion  and Columbus Firefighter Nick Schirtzinger started supplementing his grueling triathlon (running, cycling, swimming) workouts with Wise’s Non-Kinetic water based methods to keep his muscles and stamina pumped pumped up while allowing his aging joints and disks far more recovery time.

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