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Two diet observations that may be very helpful:

1. Craig Wise has never taken any muscle building supplements steroids or drugs (besides multivitamins), and he eats what he likes.

However about two years ago, at age 58, he did make a change which caused his cholesterol, which had always been around 225, to unexpectedly fall to around 175, and remain there.


He does not attribute this change to non-kinetic exercise as he had been averaging about 15 minutes a day for most of a decade, without any real changes to this measurement.

About two years ago, to help with constipation, Wise began eating one or two “fiber gummies” for dessert after each meal.


The extra fiber greatly relieved this issue,  so he continued using them. When his next annual physical came, his cholesterol had dropped to the 170's, when it had always been between 220 to 240.  

The instructions with the gummies say "take two a day", Wise eats about six a day, so you should check with your doctor before eating more than two. Two of these gummies have 5 grams of fiber, and they are about half the price at Sam’s club or Costco than at CVS or Walgreens.  

2. Wise made another tasty diet change last year that has now increased his good cholesterol balance, he switched to Avocado oil, for almost everything in the kitchen.  

Extra virgin avocado oil has a monounsaturated fatty acid (the good stuff) level of around 75%, to olive oil’s 67%. It also has less saturated fat (bad stuff) at close to 13%, whereas olive oil is around 17%. So it is more nutritious than olive oil, but the greatest difference between them is that avocado oil has a very high smoke point, which measn it does not start smoking until slightly over 500 degrees Fahrenheit, while olive oil starts burning up at 430 degrees. An oil's smoke point is also the temperature that destroys its nutritional value.  

Deep frying needs about 450 degrees fahrenheit,  which kills the nutritional value of olive oil, but that is not hot enough to harm avocado, oil. Avocado is also a bit cheaper (at Costco) than a similar quality level of olive oil.  


Avacato oil also has a tasty mild flavor that people find may find just as satisfying on salads and bread as olive oil.

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