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The World's Best Traditional Mobility Strength Building Machine is also It's Worst


The instant your foot plants on a modern treadmill it’s moving floor shoves your huge core muscles back into their contracted position without you applying any effort to do this (as in none).


 Instead of fighting resistance, treadmills provide your huge core running muscles with assistance.  However, your leg joints and spinal discs still fight slightly more impact force than they do while running on a running track.


A 150 lb adult running on a treadmill is driving 450-900 lbs (3-6Gs) of opposing forces into their leg joints on each stride, while nothing works their huge core muscle contractions.


We can prove that while on a treadmill, hearts pound mostly to “swell up’ the areas around leg joints and spines with to help cushion impacts. Not primary to feed big core muscles.


So as far average middle-aged to elderly adults are concerned, treadmills are the most inefficient workout device we have plotted in 18 years of mapping the kinetic chains of traditional physical exercise methods.   


However, for the same reasons, treadmills are the most efficient (effective) running strength building device for children and very young adults we ever plotted  This is because while our skeletons are still rapidly developing they build even stronger leg joints and spines than land running can.  Parents should do whatever it takes to have their kids frequently use them. How can that be?


Because heart strength is not being mostly used to feed those huge core running muscles (as with track running), the young person gets to run their skeleton through a little wider stride range at a slightly faster pace on one while holding the same heart rate as if track running, thus building even more leg joint and spinal strength, for their eventual adult body.  


The treadmill will not build as much core running muscle for young people, just stronger joints, and spines, however, they can build more muscle as an adult because they will have stronger permanent leg joints and spine, to work their muscles harder.


Wise' s Non-K, adult fitness devices directly deliver the resistance against muscles, relieving joints and spines of fighting the muscles like virtually every workout method ever used before does, so now almost any adult, at any age, regardless of most motion reducing issues, can still build and maintain extremely strong core mobility muscles and hearts, and do so very rapidly and painlessly, without ever feeling tortured.     


Non-K science also exposes and fixes many other enormous problems with traditional exercises, like one that has always stopped earth's greatest adult athletes, from ever reaching their full potential for speed or strength.  (click "Athletic Plateau" link)



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