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Hybrid Kinetics        Hybrid Kinetic Exercise

Hybrid Kinetic Exercises are traditional kinetic methods with non-kinetic science improvements that allow more resistance to reach targeted muscles.


The Craw Run cardio is the one example of a Hybrid Kinetic cardio workout method in our book 

Non-Kinetic Workouts for Swimming Pools.  


The Hybrid approach the Hybrid kinetic, Craw Run uses, simply takes advantage of keeping body weight from fighting gravity inside leg joints. This allows core mobility muscles to exert a much wider range mobility motion, with immensely higher exertion before stressing leg joints.


Like traditional workouts Hybrid kinetic Exercises still create kinetic force transferring chains through the skeleton, they also use engineering methods to get more resistance opposing targeted muscles than their traditional version.


Fully non-kinetic methods do not transfer forces from bone to bone, and are usually designed to oppose all muscle contractions. The Craw Run, like any traditional running exercise only works about half of the involved muscles (does not oppose (fight) return directions), which will still cause a wide assortment of aches and pains from muscle strength imbalances. A pure non-Kinetic running exercise works just the involved muscles as if the body could somehow run in both forward and reverse at the same time, for as far as the core muscles can contract, which is impossible for average adults using kinetic exercise.


Here is a another butt and gut blasting example of Hybrid-Kinetic Exercise, swimmers should use if they would like to build far more muscle, in the same amount of time.

The Craw Run is one of many new exercises exposed by Bio Force Mapping (BFM)  that add some Non-Kinetic Exercise principles to traditional kinetic exercises, allow far more resistance to reach exerting muscles. with less compression on joints and disks than has ever happened before.  


Hybrid-Kinetic methods still have the problems of traditional kinetics, just not as severe.

Wise demonstrates that his Craw Run Hybrid Kinetic exercise uses buoyancy to make it possible to run almost entirely under waist deep water, powerfully applying running range never touched before. This exercise can massively strengthen the walking ability of many older people, but they only need a minute or so of it per session. It is still a kinetic chain maker that does not work opposing muscles, so it causes pain when overused.

Swim Stroke Leverage Trick

This hybrid kinetic stroke change will prove how much more potent this science is for swimmers in their first 10 seconds.


It is a simple non-kinetic leverage trick swimmers can use while lapping,  to build far harder butts and bellies without spending an extra second exercising.


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