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Known injuries caused by Non-Kinetic water workouts since 2008


As far as we know (since 2008) there have only been 5 injuries to people from doing Non-kinetic Workouts, all very minor. 


Four all were weak elderly beginners developed deeply bruised core muscles after overdoing wet Non-Kinetic core muscle based cardio workouts. All four were instructed to not exceed 400 strides until after at least 30 sessions, yet all did more anyways. The fewest was double the maximum at 800, the others did 1000-1200.


These painless (while doing) non-kinetic cardios cause ‘Runners Highs’ once the user pushed through fatigue that usually happens between 100-200 strides. This condition can make a new weak user feel so wonderfully high, and the exertion fell so invogorating that once they reach 400 strides they often do not want to wind down and stop. However, several hours later theiur cores became so painful all four went to energy rooms. They also reported that black and blue bruising was actually visible around their bellies and sides.


In that early session these people may have fought more motion resistance energy with their core muscles, than they may have total in their last year or two. None of these people were upset with us, as they all agreed not to exceed 400, and did anyway.


The other injury was our fault; we build a set of custom Body Oars a bit too large for their user and she developed several small blisters on her thigh, because of this.  Even though this was a sizing issue we decided to add some padding to the inside of Body Oars, and we have not had that issue again.  


If you notice any outher injuries please notify us so we can learn more and make adjustments.  Contact Page

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