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LOBOSLower Body Oars

The World's First almost 100% Efficient Adult Fitness Device. That means that all of their resistance opposes only core muscle groups, none is wasted smashing joints and spines, as with all traditional core muscle based cardio workout methods.


LOBOS will be guaranteed to provide rapid and massive core and cardio strengthening, for almost any adult, at any age, even for most unable to do a traditional workout, or even walk or swim.  This is still massive core muscle exertion that just feels like very gentle, painless effort, Notice nothing is shoving the feet toward the body, so leg joints are not smashed or stressed (causing no pain). 

 Nothing else on earth comes remotely close to strengthening elderly and motion hindered adults, and LOBOS do it very gently.

This is what real adult exercise EFFICIENCY can do



But we did not leave these powerful folks out , we also developed a butt burning, give it all you got version, calledl RAMBOS™ 

76 year-old Science Director of The Heartland Institute, Dr. Jay Lehr, uses these original LOBOS prototypes every day he is home.

Dr. Lehr paid us for these LOBOS, we have never paid anyone the first penny for any testimony

The prototypes shown here, and in our public videos are a decade or older.   The production LOBOS planned for consumer production this summer get many changes we will show even the US government before production begins.  


The most important of these LOBOS change makes them more like a natural extension of the human body.

Other upgrades make them more comfortable, and much easier to attach or detach, as well as secure.  However, we could not

increase their adult exercise method efficiency, as these prototypes were already the first adult fitness devices to ever come remotely close to delivering all of their resistance energy directly against core muscles contractions.  


Mapping the interactions of exercise forces through the body, which apparantly inventor Craig Wise is still the first and only person on earth to ever do, easily exposes that LOBOS are the only highly efficient core cardio workout device for adults ever built.  


This is not another theory,  force mapping exposes that all previous methods, wet or dry,  waste far more external motion resistance while driving it through joints and spines then even reaches core muscles.  Only LOBOS deliver nearly every gram of motion resistance, against core muscle contractions, and in tremendous abundance, painlessly. 


For countless millions of elderly and motion hindered adults even these LOBOS prototypes could deliver more strength and stamina building motion resistance against only their, health providing belly and butt core muscles in ten painless minutes,  than they may have fought with their core muscles over the previous year or even longer, totally.

How can immensely more resistance be extremely gentle?

Nothing the average senior citizen can work comes close to providing the amount of resistance against their belly and butt muscles, as LOBOS provide, so how can this also be the most gentle workout they ever do?


While doing any other core muscle cardio workout dozens of other body parts are handling these forces, many are painful joints and spinal discs,  which makes traditional workouts anything but gentle. By not allow the method to smash joints and spinal discs virtually all the rough painful joint and spine damaging aspects of  cardio exercise are eliminated. Because aging adults have never had exercise devices that only allow core muscles and hearts to do all of the hard work, all painful parts are avoided, suddenly tremendous resistance is very gentle, and painless, even invigorating.   

Because the amount of resistance is almost unlimited, LOBOS are only for gentle enough exertion to maintain a wide range motion at a comfortable pace,  pushing them any harder becomes too much resistance for average and elderly adults.


This is truly too much for aggressive exercise, so for powerful adults and athletes,  as full exertion into LOBOS could tear a groin muscle.  Before  athletes hurt themselves using their grandmother's LOBOS, Wise designed RAMBOS, so intense adult exercisers and athletes can also have Lower Body Oars that will allow them to exert with all they have, after a few  milder conditioning sessions.   



LOBOS should not be used by healthy people under their early twenties. Before the skeleton hardens into adulthood traditional workout are efficient and more beneficial. This is because every joint and discs the resistance damages can still rapidly heal to a bigger stronger state, while LOBOS avoid these parts. Traditional workouts will build a stronger skeleton for their adult body.  

Other new abilities only the Non-kinetic science behind LOBOS provides:

  • In many if not most cases the ability to walk or swim is not necessary 

  • LOBOS waste no motions.  Traditional running and cardio workout devices only oppose the forward motion, and use the other half of the motion to reset the forward motion.  LOBOS directly oppose the core muscles as if the body could somehow run in both forward and reverse directions at the same time. 

  • LOBOS deeply work core muscle range that has never been reached before. LOBOS load their resistance through a much wider range than users could ever reach running, turning on a load of new core mobility muscle power with just gentle effort.

  • Way better than painless, virtually all users, enter a runner's high state by about 200 gentle strides, which is about 3-4 minutes. This runner's high is actually reached faster by the most unfit users, even if they never reached one while young. 

  • in over ten years of testing on elderly and hindered adults that found us locally and at youtube, who paid to participate (because we did not afford to give them away), the only injuries were several leg blisters, and three cases of deeply bruised core muscles, which is very painful. 

  • The several leg blisters were fixed by adding standard padding, and all three of the elderly beginners with bruised cores actually apologised to us for using their prototypes more than twice as much as they were told not to exceed.  

  • Some people see this video and assume that tremendous force is being loaded on the hip joint, this not the case. The resistance loaded above the knee is in the form of tension energy which moves around the hip joints, trying only to prevent the LOBOS from swinging, s the legs are not being pushed toward the core.  The legs need to be pushed toward the body to cause compression.  The resistance is loaded across the LOBOS, not parallel to them like feet while running, so compression is avoided, because the resistance transfers as tension through muscles instead.



LOOK for the greatly updated consumer ready LOBOS by summer, 2018

These first run sets will be identifiable as limited first editions of the world's first Non-kinetic  fitness device.

Theses special first editions will also be hand signed by their inventor, Craig Wise.  

If you want to be notified when this launch happens,  use this contact form.

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