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Non-Kinetic Exercise & Hybrid Kinetic Exercisemethod updates

  • (9/8/16) Ask your doctors about your previous core (or any) surgeries developing a hernia during non-kinetic workouts.  The only issue we had with this was in very early development around 2004.  One of the many surgeries that Craig Wise had during his cancer days in the 1990s, herniated in the center of his abdomen early during his Body Oar development. This was caused by suddenly having far deeper core exertion exercise devices.  Wise has had no issues with this since the repair, over a decade ago. 

If you are planning any core surgeries tell your surgeon that you are going to start a new exercise science that allows immensely deeper core muscle exertion than has ever before been possible, to make sure he or she over strengthen the repair.

No other cases have been reported but for safety sake get your doctor's clearance first.

  • (6/14/16)  Flu-like illness happening to often too weak beginners doing more non-kinetic exercise than advised 

One of the problems with non kinetic exercises for water is caused the lack of pain. Beginners who are in poor physical condition, typically find these muscle only non-kinetic workouts to be pleasant and painless so they over use them at first.

A surprising consistent problem that Wise started noticing a decade ago is not muscular or mechanical, but instead a flu-like illness that usually begins 16-24 days after starting. We have only seen this problem happen to poor condition beginners who started doing non-kinetic cardios for longer than 15 minutes, and or more often than 3 times a week, during their first month too often to not be related.


Virtually every poor condition person that this has happened to is reaching a runner's high after the first few minutes.  With Non-kinetic cardios this condition seems easier for these people to reach (than any other groups) likely because the fatigue so rapidly.


However once they activate this condition the feeling of fatigue vanishes and they do not even want to stop at 15 minutes, or at only 3 times a week, so they over do this.


But doing any more than this greatly increases their risk of this flu like sickness before their first month is over.  Most victims are bed ridden for 4-7 days.

This has not seemed to be an issue for adults already in stronger physical condition, but that does not mean it is not, we have far less experience with stronger healthy people. Most people doing these workouts started in very poor physical condition.  After several months most were ready to go very hard for 10-20 minutes, five or six days a week.  

FYI: After their muscles fully adjust it takes considerably more effort to reach the runner's highs, likely because they no longer fatigue so easily. But this makes amazing natural motivation which keeps them deeply exerting, instead of just doing the motions, and it keeps them coming back.

But too much too soon too healthy.  

  • (4/29/16) The Stickman™ and Robot™ exercise instructions,  may call for holding your legs straight, but they need to be held slightly bend at the knee.  Some of the lower leg resistance may be compressing through the knee cap as compression instead of entirely as tension energy through the surrounding muscles and ligaments.


This has not caused a single issue that we know of but it exposes a possible issue for weaker knees, because this is compression force.


To prevent – simply hold your knees as motionless as possible just short being fully extended.


  •      (4/29/16) Possible Hand issue.


After a decade of doing upper body water based non-kinetic and hybrid-kinetic exercises, Wise (60) developed arthritis at the base of both thumbs. This is his only location with this issue.  When he again studied the force paths of the water based Non-kinetic exercises he found the cause.


He realized that he has always held (locked) his fingers slightly bent, which works their muscles to hold them very slightly bent, which is correct. However, he neglected to do the same for his thumbs, he has always allowed them to rest on the bony material at their first (base) joint. Being that these are the only joints he has been fully loading over the last decade and the only location to develop arthritis, this is at least a strong indication of a needed correction.


It also exposes the inefficiency of traditional exercise methods on aging joints when used often enough to maintain extra powerful fitness.


To Prevent – Keep thumbs held against slightly cupped hands.


  • (4/27/16) New users should limit the Hybrid Kinetic water based exercise Craw Run™ to no more than 100 strides. This is still a kinetic chain driven mobility exercise, but using non-kinetic principles to greatly increase muscle exertion. The Craw run does this by not also having leg joints fight body weight, leaving more joint and disc strength for only fighting muscle effort, instead of having the running parts also hosting battles between body weight and gravity.


Hybrid kinetic exercises are still fully kinetic methods, just applying Non-kinetic science to eliminate other joint and disk smashing forces (of a kinetic workout). Basically making traditional kinetic exercises more efficient, they become far more effective for far more people. 

Users striding for several hundred or more have reported extreme levels of lactic acid muscular pain in calf quad and glute muscles that evening through the next day. Some have also reported lower back muscle and other pains, but no one reported joint or spinal pain.

Like almost all kinetic (traditional) exercises the Craw Run only exerts one primary direction (forward), which allows extreme core mobility muscle forward exertion, while building likely zero strength for opposing direction muscles. like almost all stout traditional exercise methods.

Kinetic muscle imbalance causes countless assorted pains with any stout traditional (kinetic) or Hybrid Kinetic exercise, but not Non-kinetic.  Pure non-kinetic exercise methods deeply load both motion directions, like running forward and reverse at the same time, thus ending countless pains endured by adult exercisers. 




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