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Where pools could never go before!

Because ConvertiPools are a bit smaller than the average parking space,  and are freestanding, they will not only be ideal for the average home, but can beautifully fit into many of the tiny backyards behind of those elegant old communities, for instance Clintonville, Germain and Victorian Villages, Westgate and Worthington  around Columbus,  where permanent pools could never fit before.  The solid body can be finished to match the Taj Mahal, or Boston's finest mansion (extra cost).


Being freestanding owners won't be spending thousands to have underground utilities moved either, as they can just use a ConvertiPool dolly, trailer or attachable wheels and roll the ConvertiPool out of the utility's way. 

ConvertiPools are just wide enough to be transported, or tailored through the USA, without extra wide load issues.

During the cold months (under correct # Layer top) the air stays very warm and steamy, like having a pool/hot tub combination inside a steam sauna. ConvertiPools will not only warm your cold bones like a hot tub, they will also deeply moisturize your winter dried out lungs and sinuses like a steam sauna.


Under its 6 layer top the prototype's air stays around 85◦F, at 95% humidity, by keeping the water about 95F**.  85◦F holds about six times more water than 95% humanity at 35◦F air.  The Midwestern winter air is rarely high, meaning ConvertiPool air likely provides 10 -15 times more water (moisture) than average Midwestern winter air. 


Doing a 10-20 minute Non-K workout, or taking a non-stop swim, causes your body to feel as if it just took an instant vacation to a hot steamy tropical island, on the coldest winter days.  Even light suntan lighting is being considered as an option.  

No musty spa smells or chemical fumes, and even self cleaning!


By using the 2 most common methods for providing drinking water in rural Africa (never chlorine or bromine), not only does the water stay crystal clear, but the above water surfaces including the top (inside) stay  'squeaky' clean (so free of mold and growth that they 'squeak' when rubbed).   All winter long users should may only need to wipe the lotion/oil residues that stick to the walls along the water line (like the "ring around any bathtub"), if necessary.   

By not using fuming chemicals closed ConvertiPools only need to be slightly ventilated while in use.  


Because they seal in humidity ConvertiPools will also be wonderful indoors

Convertipools contain their humidity when closed, instead of releasing it into their environment.  This is also makes them ideal for inside health clubs, gyms, or for fitness trainers to provide private water rehabilitation outside or inside their house. ConvertiPools also have many uses for doctor's offices or for any company that wants to offer their employees a few minutes a day of extremely efficient wet Non-K core muscle based cardio workouts (avoid their joints and spines),  or non-stop swimming.

But we feel the hottest places for ConvertiPools will eventually be in the backyards of America's coldest cities!  

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