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Non-kinetic workouts also:

  • Allow intense full body workouts to be over in minutes, because large muscles (painlessly) exert far harder than aging joints and discs can traditionally allow, taking far less time.  

  • Ends Insomnia - 10 very gentle feeling minutes using a Non-K core workout knocks most insomniac users out at bedtime

  • These same devices also cause virtually all average to weaker adults to enter a Runner's High state after several painless minutes, even if they never could reach one when young.  

  • Non-K devices can be almost perfectly efficient, delivering nearly 100% of their intense motion resistance only against targeted muscle contractions. 

  • Most Non-K methods deeply resist all involved muscles (all directions), by also fighting the opposing (reset) directions, that virtually all traditional workouts still miss. 

  • Intensely works muscles for almost all of their contraction range, traditional methods never have.

  • Avoiding worn or arthritic parts, Non-k allows people that cannot do a traditional exercise, to do intense exercise.

  • By avoiding joints and discs, police, firefighters and almost all highly physical workforces will be able to maintain extremely powerful fitness for a 40 year career, painlessly

Non-Kinetic workout devices provide adults with many new abilities

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