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An "Absolute" of Marketing:

Masses Buy what Rich Folks have, once Affordable

A historically verifiable fact about marketing, is that virtually every product that is very popular with wealthy people, will become just as, or even more popular with average people after someone figures out how to provide easily affordable versions.   

Virtually every life improving convenience, electricity, bathtubs, toilets, central heating, air conditioning, refrigerators, TVs, Radios, washing machines, cell phones, automobiles, light bulbs, glass windows, and even toilet paper,  to name a few, were all commonplace at wealthy homes before they started showing up at average ones.     

In 1907, most wealthy people including investors, thought Henry Ford had gone crazy for even envisioning automobiles for average citizens. In those days cars were mainly considered "play toys for rich boys".  They thought that cars for the masses would fill our cities with smoke noise, and danger, while scaring away the working animals.

Ford's idea was utterly ridiculous for Big Money, but not Common Sense.

In 1907 new cars sold from just under $1000 to about $5000, yet the average American worker only made $300 a year,  keeping cars far out of their reach.    

By 1923, Henry Ford's assembly lines had reduced the price of a rugged, simple to fix, brand new car to $300! While he helped push the average wage of city workers to over $1000 per year, making cars 'massively' affordable.  


By 1927, Ford had sold 15,000,000 cars, totalling more cars than all other manufactures (1000s) combined. He understood this absolut of marketing. 

Since the 1950s, permanent outside pools have been part of most middle to high class homes in America’s warm climate cities (like Phoenix, Miami LA, and Atlanta), while indoor pools have become quite popular in the wealthy communities of America’s colder cities.  


Not only as a wonderful place for exercise, meditation, recovery, play and recreation, but as an immensely more exciting status symbol than any toilet. 

But until now, enclosed year round pools have never had a massive cost reduction, finally making this status symbol affordable and practical for the average American household.

To have a basic small pool installed, takes an investment of over $30,000, and that is before an insulated enclosure and heat, which just about doubles that amount to about $65,000. Convertipools will offer this for as little as $6500. 

Our year round, architecturally stunning, permanent or portable, non-stop swimming/non-K workout pool/hot tub/steam sauna, combination under a beautiful removable top,  can sell for about the price of the average hot tub, and with a correctly matched top insulation layer package,  their interiors can stay hot and steamy  all winter long for as little as $1 a day, in far colder climate cities than Columbus!   

But just selling cars for a fraction of his competitors was not enough for Ford, he also invented the easy payment plan, so hard working Americans could buy their brand new Ford before they saved enough cash. We expect to offer ConvertiPool financing or leasing for under $100 a month. 

Overcoming Misconceptions


One of the primary marketing issues is that many Midwesterners incorrectly assume that using a pool during the winter would be very cold and unpleasant. However most midwestern hot tub owners barley use theirs during summer, they use them to warm their cold bones in the winter. Convertipools can be kept at 104F just like a hot tub, and will offer up to six (optional) removable seats, packed with massage jets. 

Even Convertipool access can be comfortable during a blizzard. A separate entry foyer model, instantly heated by infrared lighting, will allow users to undress, access the water, dry off and get dressed in enclosed comfort, during any weather. 


This same entry area will also provide warm dry access to all systems during any weather.  

Oh, but wealthy folk's pools are also beautiful to look at, but so are ConvertiPools.

ConvertiPools have solid walls (inside and out), which can be finished to greatly enhance the look of the property, by complementing the home’s or deck's architecture.

In most cases owners will be able to have their exteriors finished with the same materials as their home, and unlike the prototypes, the top framing will look like architectural artwork, so pretty that many users will want to keep the standard removable frame up all year.   We will also offer numerous frame styles to compliment the architecture of almost any home.   

Because ConvertiPools can be moved to other locations, or just moved aside for underground utility access, owners can either keep theirs, sell it, or offer theirs as a closing tool for the next homeowner, so Midwestern property values are no longer harmed by pools, well at least by ConvertiPools.

Convertipool affordability, combined with robust structural quality, very low maintenance, property enhancing looks, and the ability place them above underground utilities (without having to dig up and relocate them), also allows ConvertiPools to be placed in tiny yards, where permanent pools have never been imagined before. With normal maintenance and repair we expect a 20 year life.  

That $6500 price, will be a robust ConvertiPool, (heated and enclosable) a backyard show place. 

But we will also build Convertipools with finishes top designs and options that will look stunning beside the finest homes, so if you want to spend $35,000 on one, it should still be a great value. 

There is even a powerful reason that should rapidly cause ConvertiPools to become a more needed than  wanted home appliance, that we can not discuss.   


Check back around mid February 2018, to find out if ConvertiPools will be built in Central Ohio, or maybe in a far more industrial, or independent minded city. 

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