Non-Kinetic Fitness Engineering Service 
Because it is impossible for well over 95% of average, elderly and motion hindered adults to build and maintain powerful bodies and stamina using traditional high exertion exercise methods and machines,  Craig Wise is exclusively offering the world's only Non-Kinetic Fitness Engineering service on planet earth, but for now only within Central Ohio.
Because this service can and will massively strengthen the muscles and hearts of aging and (mildly motion hindered) adults that could not complete a traditional high exertion workout,  this, the world's only fitness engineering service is being offered only to aging adults with the heart and desire to massively strengthen their bodies.  
Interested adults must also have easy daily access to a private year-round swimming pool, preferably their own. This is for suggestions to improve the pool's usefullness for Non-Kinetic workouts.

Craig Wise,  the discoverer of Non-Kinetic adult exercise science, Bio Force Mapping science, and the inventor of hundreds of Non-Kinetic methods and devices, and likely an assistant, will come to your pool up to three times, to match you to some of the best non-kinetic workouts it is suited for, and to make sure you get started correctly.
Also Wise will determine the easiest way to painlessly activate your runner's high effect, even if you you have never experienced one before.
This is not Personal Training, this is Individual Fitness Engineering.


If you already have a personal trainer they may act the way candlestick makers responded were the first time they heard of light bulbs. This science of bypassing structural weaknesses to allow full exertion is very embarrassing for many trainers because they were not taught that muscles can also be deeply exerted without having them fight the skeleton.  
However unlike light bulbs replacing candles, non-kinetic exercise methods will teach open minded trainers scientifically designed methods that can massively strengthen almost any elderly or disabled adult, which they could never do with their traditional (kinetic) methods, because they work your weak or damaged joints and disks far harder than your muscles.
Non-Kinetics only works muscles hard, so in most cases your worn down and or weak skeletal parts will not interfere with high exertion. or even cause pain.

Some of what this totally unique and exclusive service accomplishes:  

  • Craig Wise your pool for the non-kinetic methods (not devices) for methods that match you.
  • We will determine which high muscle exertion, non-kinetic or hybrid kinetic cardio workouts are painless for you.
  • These workouts are extremely effective even at 10 minutes or less per day, even for most adults who could not even do a traditional high exertion workout.
  • These Non-kinetic cardio exercises deeply exert almost all large muscles at the same time, with less joint and disk compression than sitting still on a sofa.  Nothing like similar is offered anywhere elseon planet earth.
  • The ability to walk well or swim at all is not needed. You must wear a water skier's life jacket or other acceptable floatation device. You will need to get one before the first session.
  • After a month or so of conditioning you should be able to do these extremely high muscle exertion workouts every day, because your joints and spine will not need recovery time.
  • Unlike traditional workouts these new Non-Kinetic methods candeeply and painlessly oppose targeted muscle contractions for their entire range.
  • Unlike stout traditional workouts these deeply opposes both primary and return muscles. For instance your core muscles can be powerfully exerted as if you could run in both forward and reverse at the same time, even if you can barely walk.
  • Greatly strengthen the muscles around worn out or broken knees hips and shoulders before or after replacing these joints.  
  • Non-Kinetics does not fix your damaged hip and knee joints, however by greatly strengthening the muscles around them they get far better support normally resulting in pain reduction.
  • These methods will instantly start reenergize atrophied muscles.
  • Adults that have been in extremely powerful condition (but no longer can maintain it) will see amazing results almost instantly as these methods will instantly start reenergizing their atrophied muscles.
  • At first these pool based Non-Kinetic cardio workouts will greatly reduce large waist lines, even before weight loss starts.
  • Weight loss rapidly happen for overweight users but it does not start until most of their large atrophied muscles renergize at first.  
  • Weight gains rapidly happen for thin or underweight adults.
  • These Non-Kinetic methods will be designed for your personal goals
  • We intend to help most users reach a Runner's High painlessly during their first session, even if they had never reached one before, even if they have difficulty walking.  
  • Up to three visits are included in Central Ohio. 
  • If you study the people we have helped over the last decade, you will discover that almost all who were over weight began buying all new wordrobes after about one month.

Cost for this totally exclusive service is $3400 in Central Ohio, other areas must also cover travel expenses, accommodations and time.  The value of this totally exclusive service is priceless, because no one else can do this for you.

Please use this contact form to set this up, or for more information 

Conditions - Contact your doctor's first for any additional instructions about your heart. Tell them we require that users speak a rep or stride count aloud during these high exertion exercises to protect them from overworking the heart. It is easy to overwork a heart with non-kinetic exercise because of their lack of pain.  As long as speaking your count aloud  sounds stress free we presume your heart is working well, your doctors need to provide any special information to us about this, if they do not agree with this.
Your eventual goal for the non-kinetic cardio methods (with doctor’s approval) should be to maintain large muscles exertion hard enough to hold a slight amount of strain in your count voice, as this should be your ideal cardio exercise heart rate. Also make sure we are in agreement with your doctor about this aspect, especially if you have had cardiovascular issues before.
Also discuss previous core surgeries with your doctors to assess risk of them herniating during high exertion core muscle exercise, this should be very rare but it is a possibility, especially with previous abdominal surgeries.
Make sure you doctors realize this level of exertion is immensely deeper wider and harder than is possible to do while using the old traditional workout they are familiar with.