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First Non-kinetic products to introduce in 2018

(Click each to link for more info, images and videos of use) 

For now, Non-kinetic prototypes are all about water, but over the next few years most of will be either new parts for existing (dry) tools and workout machines or body worn appliances that will allow almost anyone to use physical devices and do physical activities much easier than ever before.  


By 2020 we plan to be selling devices that add new physical abilities to the human body we never imagined before. These devices will be of extreme value for hard working police, firefighters, athletes, soldiers and even astronauts. We also see extreme value for Non-kinetic protection devices that redirect kinetic forces i9n ways that will help prevent serious injuries for people playing intense contact sports and those working physically dangerous occupations.  


There will also be dozens of optional Non-kinetic products that will attach to our free wheeling, go anywhere year around ConvertiPools.

Click the links below to go to individual product page.

ConvertiPools  A mobile, year round, convertible top pool for colder climates, that only looks built in, best of all they will costs as little as 1/10 (10%) of the cost of having a small heated pool , and insulated enclosure built  and than it stays hot when it is cold, for about $1* a day.  
LOBOS Gentle Exertion Only Lower Body Oars, to rapidly, massively and painlessly strengthen average, elderly and motion hindered adult bodies.  In most cases the ability to walk or swim is not need to still fully benefit.  (LOBOS are for use with flotation devices so swimming is not needed)
UBOS™ Massive Upper Body muscle builder regardless of weak or strong arm joints. Mainly builds chests, upper backs, lats and egos, for almost anyone, even for many if not most adults that have limited or weak arm joints, and hand arthritis,  that would prevent upper body building using conventional methods.
RAMBOS  are high (full) exertion Lower Body Oars for athletic adults,  originally designed so aggressive adult exercises would not try driving LOBOS with high exertion (which could tear their groin muscles).   RAMBOS only push the core running muscles to their limits.  Under high enough exertion to hold a hard working heart rate,  RAMBOS will be guaranteed to fail core running core running muscles in five or less minutes, because no weaker core muscles are being pushed to theirs.  Muscle failure is the holy grail of muscle strengthening. 
XBOS™   A sporting device version of Body Oars designed for incredible fast swimming and maneuverability in water.  We have not performed formal  tests but they appear to more than double the swimming speed provided by flippers, while providing more direction of motion.  We see this device as a equalizer for reduced mobility children, so they can still compete and sometimes win against normal kids . 
Core Oars™  As LOBOS can overwork almost anyone's abdominal muscles with side to side motion, instead of the core running motion., and still do so  just as gently as LOBOS do this vertically,  literally melting the fat around the waistline, before most of it is even burned as exertion fuel. This seriously defines the abs and lower core muscles while massively strengthening virtually anyone's lower back.   Also like LOBOS, our Core Oars will put weak elderly beginners into runner's highs after 3 or 4 painless minutes of use. even if they were never able to run long and hard enough to reach one as a young person.
*About $1 a day is based on our prototype, with a 6 layer clear top insulation , at around $.05 per kWh, which we pay in Central, Ohio
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