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  High Intensity Lower Body Oars for Adult Athletes

RAMBOS deliver so much more resistance against core running muscles that any traditional method ever could, they will be guaranteed to increase the running speed or strength of any athlete, even Usain Bolt, after one week, or full refund.   RAMBOS are only for serious adult athletes and runners

Every hard running workout adult athletes do, sends intense resistance energy, up their legs, toward their core running muscles,  through many weaker kinetic parts, first.

Because something weaker has always 'plateaued' athletic running power before maximum resistance can reach core muscles, even than greatest runners have not yet fully tapped their core running power potential (with traditional methods). 

RAMBOS directly deliver almost every gram of tremendous resistance only against core running muscles, directly, without smashing any weaker parts first, so their core running muscles get to fully exert, for the first time in history.


Nothing else on earth does this. 

 RAMBOS cause the core running muscles to be the weakest involved body parts,  which suddenly makes them simple to overwork in 2-4 minutes, instead of  2-4 hours.

Because they do not allow feet, knees of hips to fight compressing forces, RAMBOS can also allow the adult athletes that have the hardest time running, gigantic and towering athletes, to run their cores through a daily marathon worth of exercise in several minutes a day, without even bothering their hip, leg or foot joints.


 Nothing else is even in this realm yet.

RAMBOS will be 100% money back guaranteed too:

  • Fail the core running muscles of any athlete, including pros, in 5 minutes or less (when using intensely enough to holding a running heart rate).

  • To Run faster and stronger, after only their first ten minutes of full exertion use, spread out over one week, or a full refund, including shipping.  

With gentle effort adult athletes can do very comfortable half hour workouts with RAMBOS. These are prototypes from 2008, the production RAMBOS coming soon, will have many refinements that we cannot reveal yet. 

Only decade old prototypes shown

Only decade old prototypes are shown here 

Look for Production RAMBOS here, next summer 

Because of differences in age physiology, RAMBOS should not be used by average people under age 22

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