Runner's Highs

The unexpected extremely empowering bonus of

using highly efficient adult core exercise devices:


Fully efficient Non-kinetic core mobility muscle working devices, are also far better than just being painless for these people because they put even the weakest new users in nearly euphoric Runner's Highs, after only about 3-5 minutes of gentle full range use.

Instead of becoming increasingly torturous, high exertion Non-kinetic adult core workout devices become very addicting. Not all addictions are bad, this one simply keeps them highly motivated to do their next Non-kinetic work out, and never miss one. Without prodding, most elderly and hindered users go from every other day to daily, even if they never exercised while young or before mobility issues started. 

This Runner's High condition is actually easiest for weak and elderly beginners to reach. We believe this is because they are caused by core muscle fatigue (not pain), which happens very rapidly with Non-kinetic core muscle loading cardio fitness devices. 

Easilly reaching runner's Highs is just one of many differance between highly efficient adult exercise, and not even knowing what efficient adult exercise is.


Other bonuses that only Non-kinetic devices allow, large muscles get to fully exert for their full contraction range, and most methods also fight return muscle contractions as if their body could, for example, power run in both forward and reverse directions similtainiously.  Neither of these happen with kinetic exerice.


Along with our Bio Force Mapping, Non-kinetics is truly the long missing technology of building and maintaining powerful life long fitness for almost every average, elderly and motion hindered adult.


However, before physical exercise can be fully understood, something that causes it to mistakenly seem as if the physical principles that engineers use to strengthen everything else, would not work on adults, needs understood: