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Real classifications for physical exercise

I will soon be blogging about the discoveries I made after I began mapping the interactions of exercise forces inside the human body (since 2000), as they relate to these categories for physical exercise.

This will be packed with helpful new insight for maximizing each category (mostly for adults), totally based on engineering sciences, instead of traditional exercise method philosophy (which has always worked efficiently for healthy children/very young adults).

I base physical exercise categories on their reason for use:

  1. Fully developmental (Children/very young adults)

  2. Focused Developmental (adults as well as people with motion hindering issues)

  3. Long term physical strength maintaining (adults)

  4. Ego/image muscle building

  5. Sports conditioning

  6. Physical Work maximizing

  7. Strength increasing

  8. Endurance (cardio) increasing

  9. Speed increasing

  10. Flexibility/ moton range increasing

  11. Specific Motion maximizing

  12. Stamina (cardiovascular) maintaining

  13. Atrophy re-energizing (curing) prevention

  14. Accident Recovery

  15. Weight Control

  16. Pain control

Method classifications






Hybrid Kinetic

This science is still far from complete. If you know of other real reasons for Physical Exercise, or Method Classification types let me know under comments.

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