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All companies need capital to put new products into production, we are planning to sell 20% interest of Non-kinetics, in 100,000 shares of stock.

We need about $2.5 million to accomplish all at start-up we intend, however we can still open our ConvertiPool assembly line if we only raise $1.5 million. Its options will just take longer to bring to the market. 

However like Henry Ford's Model T, almost all of the ConvertiPool's many options can be installed at a later date.

Investors will pay for their shares to a well known bank, not us. These funds will be held in an account that we cannot touch, unless and until it reaches $1.5 million.  


If we do not reach the $1.5 million within 2 months after launch, these funds will be automatically refunded to the investor's accounts, and stock certificates will not be issued.  

We will then re-launch this project in a different Market, where the local media is more receptive to restoring industry then here. 

Totally fresh independent industrial concepts will get far more publicity in mostly industrial cities, then in a college town.  Our current and hopefully home Columbus, just happens to be America's largest college dominated town.   

If you search the economy of Columbus, you will likely hear about how its economy is booming.

Yet its west and south sides have not recovered from the last recession, and they continue losing their largest employers. The west side is has dozens of large empty, or now barely used buildings where hard working skilled residents use to build many great things and make good livings doing so.

Today thousands of skilled west and south side residence are flipping hamburgers, washing cars or cleaning floors, for half of the income they were making 20 years ago, while the crime rates in these two sides of town have skyrocketed.   

This is why we will are planning to try launching this company called Non-Kinetics in Central Ohio first, instead of just taking the path of least resistance, and in picking another Midwestern city that (like most) are still reeling from far greater industrial losses than Columbus.  

At our more conservative goal, within one decade, possible many years sooner, ConvertiPools sales alone could create around 20,000 well paying jobs, locally. If Convertipool sales go viral like the Ford Model T did (which offers almost countless comparisons), Convertipools could create 50,000 or even more well paying jobs, many or most locally.

This does not take into account that the independent Columbus man who discovered Non-Kinetic (joint and spine avoiding) technology, and and also invented ConvertiPools, Craig Wise, has already envisioned and prototyped hundreds of other wonderfully helpful devices and appliances that also need to be produced by Non-Kinetics Corp.  

20 Free ConvertiPools for Local stock investors 

Each stock certificate will be numbered from 1-100,000.

We intend to give the first 20 consumer ready ConvertiPools away, along with free installation and 3 years of free service to the people that help us launch locally, wherever that ends up being. 

To select these local winners, we are considering a large dartboard with even sized numbers from 1-100,000.  Then we will have a local celebrity throw darts at it from long distance away until 20 numbers are clearly hit, so there will be no doubt that we chose these winners fairly. The more shares you buy the more chances to win, they will evenly get. 

Winners must agree to allow us to frequently monitor, and photograph their ConvertiPools for their first several years. This is why we intend to launch our stock offering in just one location, trying our home, Columbus first.

We are still working out the details, however we hope to launch this stock offering in Central Ohio on January 1, 2018, and end it 2 months later (on February 28). 

We will only offer shares at a fixed price of $25 each, with no limit on how many shares an investor can buy, until all 100,000 shares are sold.


You can help return industry to Columbus's west side for as little as $25, and you still have a completely even chance of winning one of the first 20 Convertipools produced.  

This is not so much as a contest to us as it is a process to establish fine installation and service on ConvertiPools, without using our first retail buyers as installation guinea pigs.  

We need to practice installations and service in only one area, before we can feel comfortable enough to open additional service and sales offices in each of America's 50 largest markets.


Central Ohio is number 33.   

We estimate that once we reach our goal of 1 million ConvertiPools, these $25 shares will be worth about ten times more, around $250 each. If our sales go viral like Ford's Model T, which we believe is quite possible, these shares could be worth thousands of dollars each.  

Of course there is risk, and many start ups are killed by overexerting to rapidly. Our production concept is simple expandability into more local buildings as product demand dictates. We can put a ConvertiPool assembly line into production between $600k-750k.


If we reach the first level of $1.5 million, half of the funds will be removed from our access, and they can only be accessed to help get Convertipools through any unanticipated initial issues. They will not be accessible for any other reason for a minimum of 2 years from launch. 

If the full $2.5 goal is reached, than we will set a $500k budget to cherry pick through Wise's Non-kinetic inventions, which no one else has ever seen, and put the most useful ones, with the simplest designs, into production. 


The remaining funds, about $1.2 will be also be removed from our access, for 1.6 years, unless an unanticipated situation taps into this. We will be very transparent on these funds, but not so on our other products or ConvertiPool options.

We are willing to invest up to 20% for initial promotion of the stock offering,  so these amounts may need some reducing, depending on how much of this 20% we do use, if any.

Columbus will likely need most of it. 

We do not ever again show a fresh design to anyone, including the US patent office, until we can rapidly produce it.    

We have been trying to figure out how to bring industry back to Columbus's west side since 2008, and this is truly our passion. 

Help us bring large Industry Back to Columbus 's West and South Sides
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