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UBOS™ (Upper Body Oars)

Only early prototypes are shown, production models will have over a decade of refinements. A pro athlete model will have numerous adjustments

UBOS can load immensely more resistance against upper body muscles than any exercise method ever could before, for one simple reason.

Traditional upper body workout methods and devices, load their resistance through the hands, so the force that builds muscles must first fight its way through bones and joints before it can oppose these muscle contractions.


By using the skeleton to deliver this resistance (instead of directly) with traditional methods, the targeted muscles cannot be strengthened beyond the mechanical limit of the weakest "kinetic chain" link along these path from the hands or feet, to the targeted muscles. 


This is very easily to explain.  With traditional workouts (kinetic chain exercise)  a weak or hindered wrist, elbow, shoulder, or even a badly stubbed finger can prevent an adult from even being able to do a powerful upper body workout, only bypassing them can allow full exertion, which is needed to for muscles to reach their full potential for strengthening.

UBOS users can partially, to fully, send these forces around their weaker or damaged kinetic links, so they are not in the way restricting exertion. This will allow athletes to end strength building plateaus (once muscle strengthen reaching mechanical limits), while allowing people with weak, injured or hindered arms, and shoulders to  easily build powerful upper body muscle painlessly.  

Also with UBOS (like all Body Oars) the amount of resistance reaching targeted core muscles is only limited by the muscle's strength, and we could build a set  of UBOS that King Kong could not even move. 

In a nutshell UBOS work like an exoskeleton partially to fully around our arms, causing the targeted upper body muscles to be the weakest link during force transferring, which makes them extremely easy to overwork very rapidly without harming anything else.  

UBOS can also be used to directly blast the triceps and biceps, by only attaching around the forearms, while holding the handles. 

Basic UBOS are quite different from Lower Body Oars versions, in that they are designed for dozens of upper body exercises (different motions and directions), blasting almost any upper body muscle group separately, through full range motion. The basic design only does this by creating straight levers aimed directly into the center of targeted upper body muscles.

Variations of UBOS designs will not be for straight levers, but for optimizing the particular power motions of specific sports or work motions.  The first that we prototyped were for greatly increasing upper body golf club swinging power.  These specific UBOS will work by easing the stress on joints and discs, while practicing these motions, pushing the strength/speed building of particular motions beyond what their joints and discs can tolerate while playing, working or using traditional exercise methods.  

For example, many quarterbacks avoid heavy upper body workouts because they change the balance of muscle strength in their arms for lifting weights, instead of throwing, reducing aim accuracy.  The UBOS designed for throwing footballs will overstrength all of the muscles while doing that same motion, thus maintaining that balance while allowing far harder muscle exertion than their weakest kinetic links could tolerate otherwise. 

Nothing on earth today can exercise upper body muscles harder, wider, faster and safer than correctly used UBOS, because they bypass everything weaker than the targeted muscles, allowing total unhindered upper body muscle exertion for the first time in history.


The most instantly impressive use we have seen for this straight upper body muscle building version of UBOS, is reenergizing atrophied upper core muscles of former athletes, even very old ones. They already built these muscles long ago, so noticeable amounts of reenergizing happen in minutes, which is many times faster than the body's process for building new muscle. This is almost like using UBOS to pump up withered balloons.


However,  we believe that our basic straight UBOS will be most desired for pumping up aging egos.   


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