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XBOS are core muscle driven Body Oars designed for rapid maneuverability in water.   


We have never posted images or videos of XBOS so we won't until we release them.

Among their attributes XBOS will just about double the swimming speed of using flippers,  and because they are directly powered and controlled by core muscles, they can allow many motion hindered children and adults to compete against athletic people in a new class of XBOS based watersports. They will allow both athletic and countless motion hindered people to compete using all the same equipment, so they are all on more even ground (water).

XBOS are not needed devices like LOBOS or UBOS, or nearly as useful for the masses, their extreme swimming speed aspect may be valuable for Navy Seals, but their water sports aspect will likely create the markets for XBOS.  


XBOS games can still be played in life jackets so people that cannot swim can still play.    

Our plan is to introduce them to schools that have pools, after we have LOBOS, RAMBOS and UBOS available.  Look for XBOS around late 2017. 

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